New Avengers #3 Review

The New Avengers #3 - Breakout! part thre


Cap and Stark recount the night before and how the avengers came together by fate. Iron man is reluctant to assemble a new team but cap convinces him. He warns that their will be no mansion and no pay this time around and cap agrees nonetheless. Cap personally invites all those who helped with the raft incident all accept except Daredevil. Story ends with spidey heading to stark tower.

The Good

We get good character work for each of our key players and a respectable ending to the initial crisis that brought them together. We also have 42 criminals running around which serves as reason enough for the team to exist. Art and colors are still great. Another great highlight was the neat tying together of then current marvel continuity, Spidey at University lecturing, cage expecting his kid, Jessica as shield field agent, daredevil “outed” in the papers etc, it all just came together seamlessly without demeaning or forgetting about continuity.

The Bad

Slow paced issue so its not suited for the more quick-tempered and action junkie readers.

The Ugly



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