Dread & Alive #1 Review

Dread & Alive #1 - BEGINNINGS


Our story opens up with a blond man fleeing from unseen foes, through  San Francisco’s Golden gate park. The man is terrified and runs into the street, he tries to stop a car only for the man to continue driving.

Elsewhere his screams are heard by one of two sleeping children, the girl alerts her brother. They look outside just in time to see the man trip and land on his face hard. His assailants have caught up with him and he’s now held at Gun Point. On a nearby roof glowing yellow cat eyes see what’s happening below. Our Villain makes his entrance, Gryphon the hunter. He warns the man, named Forrester to stop writing articles about him, when he refuses Gryphon tells his men to beat him up as he makes his way back to his car.Our hero descends silently from above to get a closer view of the action. As then men prepare to beat up forester one of the children shouts for them to stop. Startled the men look up searching for who said that, to save the children our hero swoops down catlike and majestic. The men freak out and attack him, he dispatches them with extreme force though he doesn’t kill them. Gryphon takes his measure he departs vowing “another time”.

After the bloody brawl our hero approaches and heals the injured Forrester before Forrester can find out who he is he runs off right as the police arrive and the kids watch it all from their room. The police secure Forrester and give chase but our hero manages to elude them. Forrester recounts his ordeal as the Policemen find the bloody and maimed criminals

The Good!

Rodney Buchemi of marvel’s Incredible Hercules turns in some great art here, it has a certain dark grittyness that  gives the story some added weight. The colors  also compliment the flow of the book really well. The art got me thinking  who is Mike Kelleher? and why hasn’t marvel or Dc snatched  him up yet? His colors are top notch!The story also provided a nice mix of story and action. Finding that rare balance in keeping action junkies and more slow paced readers happy.

It was also great how the titular hero gets introduced, it also immediately brought out a duality within him. He was absolutely brutal with the bad guys but rather gentle with the poor lil civilian. And we also got the cops trademark…..arriving too late….ha!

Great set up for future issues enough mystery and action to make you want to take a peek at number 2. Another Big ole good- The series comes in comic form (this form as we know goes up in value as years progress), Ipod and iphones for you techo peeps and even online purchase over at Wowio. With so many options  it’s a pure gold win win for all kinds of fans. 🙂

The Bad!

Kinda cliché with the police attacking the hero, but c’mon it’s a classic! It never detracted from the story so that just a nit pick. The use of Jamaican Creole/Patois may leave may a reader scratching there heads WTF

The Ugly!

Solid 3/5 stars


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