Uncanny X-men #351 Review

Uncanny X-men #351- Hours and Minutes

Quote: “That’s fine. This isn’t the only place I’m needed” Cecelia


Our story opens with the beautiful Dr. Reyes rising for a day of adventure and action….aww wait…..no make that a day of trying to get her life back in order 😛 . Her normal life that is, the life of a doctor ;). You see she was ousted as a mutant before all of her human co-workers during operation zero Tolerance (O.Z.T for short tim). She hitches a ride from Wolverine into town and is somewhat taken aback that they can talk like their old friends (that’s wolvie for ya). She finally gets to her boss and they talk about the implications of her mutant-ness on her human coworkers (doesn’t help a crazy cyborg was firing concussive blasts the last time either 😀 ). He points out while he has no problem with mutants her co-workers may not be as understanding, despite this he welcomes her back

Somewhere high above is Scott and Jean on their way to Canada

Meanwhile Cecilia ties to get on with her job but cant because of ant mutant hysteria (that seems to be all the rage these days) Cecelia is livid (and justifiably so) she storms out and ends up saving a gunshot victim. You would think this would lessen the tension but at lunch time she eats alone after her former friends brush her off (what did she expect a hug and kiss?). She mopes around for a few until she is asked for personally, she thinks this is a good thing but when she turns up at the operating room; Its Pyro mutant master of flame!

Pyro is in a bad way, he has the legacy virus for 1, he was robbing a bank 2 and the police shot his ass when he tried to escape. Number 3 he cant control his powers since he’s sick so they called for the “mutie” doctor since no one else could assist. Fair enough Cecilia saves her fellow mutant then he’s placed under lock up in the hospital so she can observe him. Our friendly neighborhood sp…no Daredevil the blind lawyer observes her for the rest of the afternoon as she makes her rounds helping a menagerie of patients.
At the docks a green skinned  thing escapes from a box.

Back at the hospital Daredevil scares the be Jesus out of Dr. Reyes as he asks her to help him patch up an infected gunshot wound. She manages to not only help him but get him to strip down to his undies while she gives him the treatment (I deliberately wanted that to  sound dirty!)

While she treats his wounds he tries to convince her that as someone with a power she could save more lives than she ever could as a doctor. She doesn’t seem to consider it but he also puts her mind on her own abilities questioning whether her force feild was ’offensive or defensive’ which she has neither given much thought before or cared to think about.

Later while checking in on Pyro feeling sympathy for him she loosens his restrains and cause him to escape from the hospital, resulting in her being fired. But she takes it in stride and motivated by daredevil she returns to the X-Men where she’s greeted by Wolverine and Storm.

The Good!
I don’t know about anyone else but I loved a closer look into who Cecilia was and her world. I loved how she was characterized and I also loved the parallel between herself and teammate marrow (who was motivated by Spider-man, a really good friend of daredevil into becoming a hero). Cecelia gets motivation from daredevil and while she seems not to have given it a second thought when she turns from her world (the hospital) and acknowledges that she can make a difference somewhere else for me that was powerful. I also loved that she is a genuinely good person, helping daredevil and those patients and even loosening Pyro’s straps showed that despite everything that has happened to her she is a hero and she is willing to see the good in everyone despite what others may say.
The art was good it didn’t wow me but fit the story nicely.
The Bad!
The story was short, honestly I could read about Cecelia doing nothing but being a doctor and be entertained. Another bad was the lack of her teammates we only see wolvie and storm.  You telling me everyone was holed up inside when she left and returned? Kinda convenient as far as I see.

The ugly!
Solid character piece for Cecelia and its nice to have mutants interact outside their gene pool every now and then,  seeing daredevil was a breath of fresh air. 3.5/5


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