X-treme X-men #2 Review



Storm’s team falls into a pit of water where she uses her powers inventively and Psylocke and Beast provide an escape route. Rogue washes up on a shore and remembers how Storm convinced her to stay with the team. The mysterious man from the first issue continues to stalk the team. Rogue and Sage search for the team and run into the man who claims to be the real Homo Superior. Storm, Bishop and Neal tussle with the Special Forces. Vargas meanwhile defeats Rogue then Psylocke and beats come in. Beats gets defeated and broken up to boot and Psylocke gets gutted like a trout (XD)

The Good

Inventive lil ororo

Psylocke dies again (rolls eyes) anyway this issue we got some nice characterization of Storm. While most of the issue was Rogue focused we also saw how Storm as a leader is far more “humane’ person than Scott. She’s more of a mom than a general. In this way she’s the perfect successor to Xavier who was always the father his team never had. In that same token you know that you don’t mess with her when she’s being stern or serious. That flash of lightning in the blink of an eye is a constant reminder that “mother nature’ as it were also has a quick temper. Additionally the fight at the end between Storm, Bishop Neal and the Special Forces shows why Storm is such a respected opponent in any capacity ….diversity! When her powers are rendered useless in the fight she resorts to her hand to hand combat prowess mixed in with her acrobatics thanks to the life of a thief which was further honed by training under Wolverine and Yukio. This fight brought thought of the Black Panther to me as T’challa is also never truly defenseless in a fight, powers or not! (thus why they are a perfect match 😀 )

Bishop was well scripted and he gathered his bearings and jumped into battle just like the time crossed cop he’s supposed to be. Kudos Claremont 😉

Storm and Bishop are badasses!

Larocca’s art is still one of the high points of this series so far. Also the exposition has been toned down a bit leaving a more even story with neither it nor the action overshadow the other.

The Bad

Compared to other modern comics it’s still a bit wordy.

The Ugly

Overall it was a better read than the first issue but still has a way to go, Fans of Storm and Rogue should pick the issue up however. 3/5


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