Toussaint talks about Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes

Our “Lost Days Event” continues here at WOBH as we Interview Toussaint.

“With a husky tenor that is the epitome of soul, and with musical influences that range from roots reggae to gospel to neosoul to hip hop, Toussaint carries a sound true to his nickname, ‘the Liberator’.”


Dread & Alive The Lost Tapes vol.1

BH: Were you a comic book fan in the past?

TL: Yes. Big fan. Never really had much of a collection to speak of, but i definitely was into the them. Loved the XMEN. Tried to find out as much as i could about the black characters. Cable and Storm and there were a few others. That’s why this project is so great.

BH: Who was your favorite Character?

TL: I was a big fan of the XMEN series especially Wolverine. Somehow i always felt i could relate to him with all his anger and no one truly understanding him. Plus, the woman of his dreams was taken!This guy had no choice but to be a cold killer and I loved that about him. Still he chose to take those demons of his, deal with them and fight the good fight. I still think about that now, channeling my anger to do good.


Toussaint ‘Liberator’


BH: Can you tell us about your song on The Lost Tapes?
TL: Well, the song is pretty much what every comic book has been about since the beginning. It is about Being Yourself. It is so difficult to do these days because we have more pressure than ever to be like everybody else. The pressure cannot be called simply peer pressure anymore because it is everywhere. Television, radio, internet, you name it.The values that have been integrated into what it means to be American have taken us far off course. But if we are not in tune with ourselves, then we are not in tune with Mama Nature and that disconnection will prove to be very destructive. So, it is much better to just be yourself and stick to that and be part of the solution and not the problem.

Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes is released in association with Soul Of The Lion and Zoolook

BH: What makes “Be You” stand out from your other tracks?

Dread & Alive #3

TL: Well I think the message is clear and the honesty can be deciphered. The thing is, i just wanna sing positive music that will heal me and this song does do that for me. So if i can heal myself, chances are it can affect someone else as well. And the response has been tremendous! More times than not people say “Me and My kids LOOOVE THIS TUNE!” And i get some variation of the story of how they all gather round the computer and dance. I love it! That is what it is all about.

BH: What was the experience like working on the very first comic book/music collaboration?
TL: When I heard of the project, I was just excited to be asked to be a part of it. But when I got to San Francisco and met Nicholas Da Silva, we hit it off right from the outset and it was clear that we are like-minded individuals just working different mediums. After talking for awhile, we managed to both be encouraged and we are now gonna work together a great deal in the future if all goes well. There’s never a better feeling than that. Also Nick and i talked about doing some writing together so i am psyched! This is definitely a portion of my dreams coming to life!

BH: This is history in the making, how do you feel being a part of that?
TL: Everyday we make history right? Naw, but seriously, i am grateful to be a part of a conscious movement that will affect millions of minds.The thing that we are doing is creating an alternative to the garbage we are flooded with everyday. The mainstream has there stereotypes and imagery that they deal with and it is so great to see, finally, in all mediums of art, a convergence of positive energy coming forward in a strength that i think has never before been seen.

The most incredible thing about it to me is that this is a situation where we are all aware of the effect the media we have been exposed to over the years has had on us. Now we can be a part of changing that around and fighting fire with holy water if you will. It is a serious work that we are undertaking but i know the Most High is behind us and we have that Supreme blessing. We also have the support of our many ancestors who faced lynch mobs, police brutality, economic hardship and more who must be proud to see their sons and daughters moving forward with strength and determination to change the world. And that’s what we are doing. We are changing the world. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak with you. I am most grateful. Blessed Heights!

Thank you for your time Toussaint and all the best to you in the future.

Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes vol.1 arrives on itunes September 14th Get your copy!

Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes is released in association with Soul Of The Lion and Zoolook!!!


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