Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem! #1 Review


Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem! # 1 - Take Me Away, Part One

A woman is in a Chinese restaurant making a scene up on the roof she’s being listened to by a masked man. He comes in and kills everyone and finds the boss, he then roasts his head like a chestnut for information on Big X. They get the info and leave.  When the police come they comment on the carnage and take Mr. Change away on a stretcher.

Mayhem visits a church and prays about his sins while flashing back to him praying with his mom and a sibling as a child. The priest warns him what he’s doing is wrong he laments that god will forgive him.

On a boat goods are exchanged for money the vigilante comes up kills everyone retrieves the money and blows the ship up. He meets with a woman on the beach and they share a drink. Both ready to get rid of Big X.

Big X meets with his men and kills one of them since they have not been able to kill Mayhem who’s causing him so many problems. He gets rid of them all when his daughter arrives. We realize its the same woman working with Mayhem.

The Good
Well crafted story- I was surprised by it actually since the script was top notch. We got enough background on the hero to want to read more , we got a bit on his motivations and even something to look forward to with Big X’s daughter being the one working with mayhem. Does she want to take over his empire by killing him or is she really fed up with his criminal lifestyle? only time will tell.

The art and colors were also noteworthy conveying enough details for the killing to be shocking but not enough for it to be over the top. Although the gore was integral part of the story much like blood in Mortal Kombat. 🙂

I salute Tyrese I was not expecting to like this 🙂

The Bad
Their was not one art or story piece which had a “wow factor” or did the story ever really draw you in completely……everything was good but it has the potential for far more.

The Ugly
for a slightly above average read 3/5


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