Black Jesus Review

Black Jesus #1 – In the Begining


The story follows a young black man named Chris as he goes to a number of jobs. It shows him having an empathic connection with a captive lion. He has a strange exchange with his boss’s daughter. Later on he’s trailed by some men and disappears from sight and perches onto a rooftop. When three kids almost drown he walks on water to save them. This is captured on tape and after he leaves the footage makes its way onto TV and the rescued  kids mom comments on how she thinks what happened was a miracle.

We then get introduced to a group of Christian gangsters getting branded. Next a killer is seen, he gets called by a local pastor who wants him to find this Black Jesus cause he has plans for him. The killer searches near and far, killing quite a few people in his quest. Chris’s friend recognizes him from the TV footage. The killer gets closer to completing his task as an oblivious Chris thinks life will be just fine.
End Issue

The good
Great introductory issue, it established the main character and his supporting cast as well as potential villains in one issue. That is something that not a whole lot of first issues can establish, that’s for sure. I also enjoyed the gritty feel of the story and art both worked well together. Its an average read for a normal issue but as an introduction 1st issue it was well crafted. Near the end as the killer gets closer I genuinely didn’t want the issue to end because I had become so invested in the story.

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The Bad
Things started off really slow, so slow in fact some readers may not get to the good stuff because the first ½ is so  boring.

The ugly
3/5 for a slow read which escalates to a very engaging point

stars- 3


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