Battalion-Jackson king

Battalion-Jackson king

Created by: Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

1st appearance: Stormwatch #1, March 1993

Nationality: American, born in New York

Weight: 210 lbs    Height: 6’3

Eyes:Brown              Hair: Brown

Known Relatives: Isiah King/Despot (Father), Malcolm King/Strafe (Brother), Mary King (Mother)

Skills and Abilities: Excellent hand to hand combatant trained in armed and unarmed combat and various martial arts.

Powers: Jackson is a high level psionic seedling. He has telepathic abilities and Psychokinesis. His powers are further enhanced by his cyber trans-suit. The suit helps o focus his power and enhance it ten times it’s normal levels. He also carries guns which he can use to focus his Psychokinesis  into deadly force bolts. By focusing his power through the armor he also gains superhuman strength. He also employs his powers to make protective shields.


Jackson king is the first son of son of Isaiah King who was affected by the “Comet event”. As a seedling with uncharted power he was drafted into Stormwatch, the united nations peace keeping force. During training he was very close to training officer Whiplash who became like a father to him. After training he rose to the rank of field leader, his only request was that his brother Malcolm be left out of it. His career has been filled with many tribulations over time. He has been faced with betray by teammates Flash point and even his second father Whiplash. The death of his teammate Diva, his father’s decent into madness and the decimation of his team. More recently his brother now codenamed Strafe sided with his deranged father forever dashing his hopes of a normal life for him.  His relationship with Stormwatch seedling activator Christine Trelane/Synergy has complicated his career as well. He was taken off active duty and made training director when Weatherman though he had become a liability. He has also served as leader of Monarchy and in the newly relaunched Wildstorm universe he is the leader of Stormwatch: Post Human Division (PHD).

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