Dolante Murray (Character)


Publisher: Image Comics

Dolante Murray

Created by:  Chad Bowers and Jim Towe

1st appearance: Youngblood #2, 2017

Nationality: African American

Team Affiliations: Youngblood

Legal Status: Minor with no criminal record

Height: 5’9                    Weight: 150 lbs

Eye color: Brown            Hair color: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Genius level inventor

Powers: None.

Equipment: Dolante uses a version of the original Sentinel’s armor. His exoskeleton runs on a miniature fusion generator which grants him flight, superhuman strength and Speed.


Hero Worship and Disappointment

Dolante Murray was a young boy when the First Youngblood made their triumphant debut. Instantly he became a fan of the only Black Superhero present, Sentinel. Marcus Langston, was an engineer, a black superhero, had action figures and was world famous. Dolante idolized him [Youngblood #2, 2017].

Dolante’s Origin


After the Liberty II incident Youngblood stopped Cybernet from taking over some Top Secret Space Station where the whole thing was televised. His third grade class wrote the team thank you notes. Dolante’s was really something, because Sentinel sent him a letter with a schematic of his Exoskeleton suit [Youngblood #2, 2017].

According to Dolante after that he was in the Tank for Marcus Langston. He bought his autobiography had his action figures etc [Youngblood #2, 2017]. When the world found out Langston was a murderer Dolante was devastated. He cranked out angry blog posts to vent his frustration. The blog was mostly about the pitfalls of hero worship. Soon after he got an email asking for help with exposing the rest of Youngblood’s dirty secrets, this was known as the “Blood-stream” [Youngblood #2, 2017].

When Youngblood imploded and their reputation was destroyed he became a youtube star through his “Hero-how-To” Videos. He modified and made Sentinel’s exoskeleton more sleek and stealthy he also began operating as a superhero but chose to use no code name because  those were for people “with something to hide” [Youngblood #2, 2017].

New Youngblood

He was approached by the new Vogue who wanted to reform the image of Youngblood as a force for good. She also needed his help in locating a few young heroes who had disappeared. He helped her but demanded that she not call him “Sentinel” after recounting his history to her [Youngblood #2, 2017]. They were joined by Doc-Rocket and a young female Supreme in saving the city from superhuman threats. This lead them to the attention of the US President Diehard, a former founding member of the original Youngblood [Youngblood #1, 2017].

They were saved by the freed from jail Shaft and later officially branded the next Generation of Youngblood by Badrock himself [Youngblood #2, 2017]. Tension between himself and Shaft were instant with the hero realising he was a member of the Bloodstream. Their first mission was to locate heroes who had gone missing and seemingly erased from the internet [Youngblood #2-3, 2017]. Alongside Vogue he realized that tech company Brynetec was really Cybernet who were responsible for abducting the young heroes. When they attacked the company they faced off with the Chapel duo who was working for Brynetec [Youngblood #4, 2017].

The founders of Bryntect revealed that they had inherited and were now taking to fruition the legacy of Cybernet. President Diehard even tried to stop the team as he had “vetted” the company multiple times before getting into bed with them. The founders (Rudolph and Hans Bryne) fused to form a bio mechanical monster and Shaft had his hand severed. After one of the Chapel’s were absorbed by the monster and the other fled he managed to rally the team for a last attempt at taking down the monster. This failed however and the creature was only stopped when it absorbed Badrock. They later save “Man-Up” one of the abducted heroes from his buyer [Youngblood #6-7 2017].


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