Prowler (Clone)

Prowler (Clone)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Sean Ryan and Jamal Campbell

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4. #17 (October, 2016)

Real Name: Hobie Brown’s Clone

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Alias: Hobie Brown

Legal Status: Cloned U.S citizen.

Weight: 180 lbs    Height: 5’11

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

 Relatives: Hobie Brown (Genetic template),  Abe Brown (Genetic older brother),

Skills and Abilities: His genetic template has a green belt in taikwando and is adept at street fighting. He’s also a world class athlete and inventor.

Powers: None

Equipment: Prowler uses a customized costume to fight crime. The rigid cape can be used as a weapon and to glide on air currents. The soles of his shoes are lined with rubberized soles and shock absorbers so he can survive high falls with no ill effect. The boot also contain Concussive air blasts to enhance his jumping ability and to aid in flying and gliding. His gloves are steel tipped  and used to scale walls and in melee combat. The gloves contain Laser blasters, Sleeping gas pellets to knock out opponents, Cleaning fluid, Sharp-tipped diamond shaped metal fletchettes, Concussive gas canisters (creating obscuring fog, and knockout gases), Grappling hook and Magnesium flares.

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Created in a test tube by Ben Reily in his new identity of “The Jackal” after the Prowler/Hobie Brown was seriously injured in battle with the female Electro. He was created to be a spy within Parker Industries and as a security enforcer for his “New U Technologies” [Spider Man Vol, 4#17 and Clone Conspiracy #5].

His true nature as a clone was unknown to him as the Jackal made him think that he was the Real Hobie Brown brought back in a cloned body.

When New U Technologies suffered numeroushacking attaempts he was tasked with tracking down the source. With aid from fellow clone, Madame Web he tracked the hacker to Alcatraz Island. Here he found Julia Carpenter, former Spider-Woman, New Madame Web who was also a former teamate of Prowler [Prowler Vol2 #1].

Carpenter tried to get him to see that New U was corrupt but he would not listen and completed his mission ofshutting down her operations. She eluded him however and he started suffering from cellular degeneration due to not taking his New U clone pills [Prowler Vol2 #2].

FemaleElectro was snt to retrieve him for Jackal but instead she tried to kill him. Despite his cellular degeneration he managed to defeat her  but callapsed before he could make his escape. Her he was found by Julia who helped get him back to New U despite her reservations [Prowler Vol2 #3].

When the Jackal was unsuccessful in convincing Spider-man to join his cause Prowler aided him in delaing with the out of control clones. Again he faced female Electro aided by Carpenter. Despite cellular degeneration he defeated feamle Electro again but was fatally wounded and disintegrated in Julia Carpenters arms [Prowler Vol2 #4-5].

Soon after the original Hobie Brown was found.


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