Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) #2 Review

Powermanandironfist#2 1

A villain now has her hands on a mystically powerful stone, and it’s all Luke and Danny’s fault! Well, maybe it’s not ALL their fault. They were tricked by an old friend, but that’s little comfort to our two heroes, much less the gangster from whom they took the stone. Someone phone Jessica Jones and let her know Luke’s going to be late. Maybe she could binge-watch an awesome streaming super hero show?


What I thought

This issue opens with many of Luke and Danny’s old villains hearing that they are back together: from Cockroach Andy to Black Mariah. While the guys meet in a diner they are set upon by Gorilla Man and Black Tarantulla. They kick their asses but realize that Jennie has played them. Luke’s fears are confirmed when she violates parole and leaves with Black Mariah. Elsewhere she activates the gem and is granted super powers.

I have not laughed that much while reading a comic in awhile. Luke and Danny’s bromance is on high with only Quantum and Woody being better (Yeah Valiant’s Fiddle Faddle is the bomb). Jessica’s reaction to them getting back together and Luke’s denial of said getting together were equally amusing as hell. Tombstone’s angry whisper and his henchmen Grim and Reaper are also noteworthy.

The villain duo of Mariah Dillard and Jennie is interesting especially as foils for the male dynamic duo of Luke and Danny. We also got mention of villain Nekra which was cool for Black Hero Fans. I can’t give this book anything but 4/5 stars because it seamlessly blends excellent characterization, action and a buddy dynamic second only to quantum and Woody. David Walker and Sanford Greene are straight killing it!

stars- 4.5


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