Stone Face (Character)

Stone Face

Created by: Stan Lee, Gene Colon, Dick Ayers
1st appearance: Captain America #134; Feb, 1971

Nationality: Nigerian

Team Affiliations: Young Watchers

Legal Status: crime lord; gang leader

Height: 6’0          Weight: 200lbs

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Brown
*note– the left side of Stone Face’s face is paralyzed and deformed; hence the alias Stone Face

Skills and abilities: Skilled hand to hand combatant, skilled marksman; skilled leader

Powers: none

Weapons: none
Stone Face was a gang leader whose gang ran the numbers racket in Harlem. Originally from Nigeria, Stone Face would play up his African heritage for his own selfish gain and sought to increase racial tension in Harlem to get rich. One of Stone Face’s number runners was Falcon’s nephew Jody, who admired Stone Face and considered him a “big man”. When Jody gets arrested, he waits on Stone Face to his aid, but it is actually Captain America who speaks up for him and gets him a suspended sentence. When Stone Face hears that Jody is free, he thinks Jody snitched on him, and sends two thugs to teach Jody a lesson. Captain America and Falcon are drawn into the fray when Jody’s gets shot and handle Stone Face and his gang. (Captain America #134)
Stone Face is released on bail and searches out and captures Falcon, the blackmails the city of New York for a million dollars telling the Governor that if they attempt to build a state office building in Harlem it would be destroyed by rioters. Abducting Falcon brings Captain America into the situation and he, with the help of Spiderman, free Falcon and put an end to Stone Face’s scheme. (Captain America #137-138)
Stone Face escapes from prison and makes his way to Nigeria. Once there he kidnaps Falcon’s girlfriend Leila, who is with the Falcon visiting Wakanda and the Black Panther.(this is where the Falcon gets his first pair of wings) Falcon and Black Panther join forces and take Stone Face down. (Captain America #170- 171)
After being released from the Nigerian prison, Stone Face makes his way back to the states. He forms a neighborhood watch type vigilante group named the Young Watchers, which he uses the group’s legitimate activities to cover up the inner circle’s illegal activities. Once again Falcon and Spiderman team up to take down Stone Face. The Young Watcher decide to stay together to continue the good they had started, (Marvel Team Up #114)
His last caper involved him growing out his hair and beard and hiring two massive bodyguards named Rufus and Jackson. Stone Face was planning to auction off items to international spies. Power Man and Iron Fist finds out about it and bust the auction up. Stone Face was caught by the mercenary Vienna, but was let go after paying Vienna his last $10,000, but runs right into Power Man and Iron Fist on his way out. He is knockout and arrested. (Power Man and Iron Fist #114)

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