Stampede (Character)


 Real Name: Eloni “Aaron” Williams

 Publisher: FarCorners Studios

 Created by: Lincoln Farquharson

 1st appearance: Team Genesis #1

 Nationality: American Samoan

 Team Affiliations: Team Genesis

 Legal Status: US Citizen

 Height: 5’11               Weight: 235 lbs

Eye color: Brown       Hair color: Dk. Brown

 Relatives: Tali Williams, Father; Tufele Williams, Mother (nee Sadivaega)

 Skills and abilities

Aaron is endowed with superhuman strength, endurance, durability, resistance to injury, stamina, and vigor. Currently, Aaron has been known to manipulate objects up to 100 tons. He can repair and regenerate damaged and destroyed tissue much faster than a normal human. He has the ability to control the molecules in his body in order to increase the density and hardness of his skin in a specific area, thereby increasing its invulnerability and strength. This also affects the skin’s pigmentation, causing melanin to cluster and darken his skin. The denser he makes his skin, the darker it becomes. The increased density also increases weight. So, for example, if he was to increase the density of his legs, not only would they darken, but could be used to keep him anchored in place. It is believed that, in time, he will master this ability to affect his entire body all at once.


Eloni Williams was born an American Samoa and worked in the bauxite mines. His father worked for the US government and his mother was a homemaker. The average Samoan can stand at 6’0 or higher, but Eloni was the shortest of all his siblings (5 brothers). His immediate family is Mormon, but his grandmother followed the old customs and traditions of the island and believed that his superhuman strength was a blessing, possibly to make up for his shorter stature. Benjamin Axon arrived on the island, under the name Dr. Benjamin Grant, and asked for Eloni’s help in forming a team of people born with special gifts. Eloni initially refused the offer, being content with living a simple life on the island. His grandmother sided with Axon, however, but he still refused. During Axon’s visit, the grandmother suddenly fell ill. The local doctors couldn’t help and out of her distrust for American medical doctors, she refused to be taken to an American hospital. Axon had his assistant, Amanda Freeman, flown in, and together they were able to cure her. Out of gratitude, Eloni swore that when the time came and Axon needed him, he would be there to serve.

Eloni is quiet, reserved, and keeps to himself, but he is much smarter than he leads on. He easily finds a friend in Alex and Grayson.



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