Savage Dragon #204 Review

Savagedragon#204Malcolm Dragon vs. Angel Dragon? It comes to this—as Malcolm and Angel have it out in what may be our strangest issue yet.

What I thought

Erik Larsen you terrible, terrible, despicable, crafty entertaining little man! On a scale of 1-10, 10 being how entertained I was from start to finish…this was a 20. As always the art was on point; detailed and meticulously crafted. Then there was the emotional and shocking revelation of the story. Tierra, Malcolm’s Ex-girlfriend with who was impregnated by his “sister” Angel’s former boyfriend and later married him, then had a foursome with Malcolm, Angel and his girlfriend when she broke up with said guy. She is back in a major way and causing all kinds of problems. First she drops the bombshell that she is pregnant with Malcolm’s child then she tells his girlfriend before running to the Newspapers with the story of how the baby was conceived….that ill fated foursome. Oh yeah and that sex tape of the threesome between Malcolm, Angel and his Chinese girlfriend? She mentions that too, before ransacking Malcolm’s apartment looking for said tape and only getting his laptop instead. Oh and the small rumble between Angel and Malcolm when she finds out she is pregnant as well? Priceless!

While the book was entertaining it was also thought provoking. Malcolm’s reaction to the pregnancy is not typical as just plain modern day. Typically guys ask “if it’s there’s”. Malcolm though goes straight to the abortion. This also brings up a valid talking point; Malcolm rationalizes that any offspring he has may kill the mother, his own super human mom almost had that happen to her. Could Tierra carry to full term a kid with Dragon blood? Is it in her best interest to terminate her pregnancy (If she is pregnant)? Abortions are seen as “wicked” by some but there is the valid argument for termination of a pregnancy if it endangers the mother’s health. When is it ok to have an abortion?

The other serious concern is brought up by the school principal. Malcolm plans to just be a cop and superhero but while his father was limited by circumstance. Malcolm could be more…but instead to treads the same road. Malcolm is limited by his own self perception and “responsibility”. We already know the road Malcolm will travel but the notion that he could be more is a beautiful road not traveled viewpoint that Larsen can no doubt explore in a future alternate timeline story.

We also have the recently depowered Neutron Bob visiting his mother in the hospital. He’s there out of concern but she can’t stand to look at him. She proposes that he get his powers and appearance back through a blood transfusion with her. He is emotionless as she says this. No doubt his freakish appearance made him jeered and mocked as a child and he actually has a chance at a normal life now but his mother can’t get past her own reservations to comfort her son or be thankful for the visit. Thins rings true for many family relations where both parties will never get what they want from the other, emotionally or otherwise.


I unreservedly give this issue 5/5 stars it’s entertaining as fu(k! Savage Dragon kicks ass and takes names the Image Comics way, Over the top, PG and always entertaining!

stars- 5 excellent


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