Abraham (Character)

Abraham (1)

Publisher: Euchrestos Comics

Created by: Blackstar Shaback

First Appearance:  Abraham- The Young Lion #1,

Real Name: Abraham Godchild

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: American

Group Affiliation: None

Eye Color: Brown             Hair Color: Black

Weight: 335 lbs                 Height: 6’5

Relatives: Jedidiah Godchild (Son)

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: Superhuman strength, endurance and flight.

Weaknesses: Unknown


Col. Abraham Godchild was a community activist renowned hero. He fathered one child years Jedidiah with an unnamed woman. He disappears mysteriously sometime in the past which left his son being emotionally traumatized. There was an investigation into his disappearance but it was uneventful and the case was closed.

Years later Jedidiah reopens the investigation, in search of his community activist and renowned heroic father [Abraham-The Young Lion #1].


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