Savage Dragon #202 Review


Stripped of his lightning powers, Malcolm Dragon finds that he can no longer rely on the one thing that kept him alive! Now he faces his most fearsome challenge yet—at a time when he’s at his most vulnerable. Malcolm Dragon fights the Deadly Damsels of the Vicious Circle! Raptor! Vein! Samurai! Insect! Tigress! Volcanic! Climax! Double-Paige!

The Good

Cover– This time it’s Malcolm vs. the new al female Vicious Circle! It’s a chaotic cover with our star Malcolm Dragon smack dab in the centre facing the combined mob of women. It’s not all stylized, slick of sexy as Savage Dragon #201 but it will do in a pinch.

Art– I praise Erik Larsen’s art every issue and this one is much the same as before and as always he throws down in an epic fashion  see Savage Dragon #201, Savage Dragon #200 etc for my detailed thoughts on Erik Larsen’s art.

Action– As always with Savage Dragon Erik Larsen delivers the fisticuff, 90’s style to keep you and your momma happy too!

Hero– This issue Malcom proves his just a bid old softie at heart when he turns down more orgies for sex with one girl that he really cares about. It’s a touching exchange and truly heart warming. Malcolm is really one of those black Superheroes you should be keeping your eyes on for 2015. Not many characters are achieving the heart string status this one is right now.

Story– Dart rallies her troops and Malcolm and his girlfriend, Maxine discusses his Ex girlfriend Tierra staying with them. In the apartment Tierra accidentally sees the sextape that Maxine made of the threesome they had with Angel. Inside the apartment both women start making out as they vie for Malcolm’s attention. Angel walks in on them and they rip her clothes off as well and pull her into the mix. Elsewhere the Vicious Circle attacks Bellco in hopes of getting their powers enhanced. After the foursome Angel and Tierra start a shouting match as they rehash how Tierra stole Angel’s boyfriend. Malcolm and Angel rush to Bellco to stop the Circle while Maxine kicks Tierra out of the apartment when the latter vows to take Malcolm from the former. At Bellco most of the Circle are either depowered or killed though Dart escapes Back at the apartment Malcolm tells Maxine he no longer wants to share her with anyone else and wants the group sex to stop or he’s out. Overjoyed she agrees and they spend a normal Christmas with his step-sister Angel.

Buy it– Time to put your money where your mouth is and buy the damn thing! Head to Comixology and put your money where your mouth it!

The Bad

Pg- By now you guys know that Savage Dragon is not the comic you read with your young children, it’s violent and very sexual.

The Ugly

Erik, Erik, Erik…What didn’t I love about Savage Dragon #201?  This book rocks! Outstanding art! Top notch Characterization! All out action! Not reading Savage Dragon? You’ll regret it! I give this issue 4/5 stars!

stars- 4 very good


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