Savage Dragon #201 Review


 Following the cataclysmic events of our awe-inspiring 200th issue, Malcolm Dragon comes face-to-face with the new head of the Vicious Circle! It’s a battle like none you’ve seen before!

The Good

Art– What can I say about Erik Larsen’s art that has not been said before? It’s fluid, dynamic, handles action superbly and yet manages to have highly emotive and expressive faces and bodies all at once. I keep telling people Erik Larsen is a triple threat but you don’t believe my black ass!

Drama– I am only having this much fun with Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-man right now. Mind you the drama is Malcolm’s life stems from his crazy Chinese girlfriend and the many women he has in his life coupled with his initiation into sex, living on his own while being the major superhero of his town. It’s a crazy, zany world and I love every damn second of it!

Cover-This is one detailed work of art. This month we have Dart and Malcolm battling as she delivers a kick straight to his head. The background is yellow and barren but it makes the two characters literally pop right off the cover. It caught my eye on the stands and I wouldn’t mind having a poster of this one in my man cave.

The Talk– As Malcolm and his friend talk about their past and their shared women you cant help but get drawn in. The dissolution of his marriage to Malcolm’s ex Tierra was bound to happen. They got married because she was pregnant not because they were in love. How many times have we seen this happen in real life? Too many to count! The moment though does manage to emotionally resonate with me because I was in a similar position back in my 20’s. It’s moments like this that make this book one of my favorite each month!

Black Hero– I Can’t stop gushing over Malcolm Dragon. He is characterized so god damn well and is put in situations that really just typify young adult life that I keep getting flashes of my past, my mouth drops open and I am laughing like a damn schoolgirl! All hail and bow down to one of my top five black superheroes of 2015!

The Bad

PG-Because of the high level of sex and sexuality, this is not the book to read with your kids….although it could spark quite a few conversations with your teens.

The Ugly

Overall this was just expertly written, characterized and rendered. If you’re not reading Savage Dragon right now, SHAME ON YOU! Run out to your local comic shop request it, get your friends into, hit comixology for crying out loud it is entertaining as all get out and you owe it to yourself! I give this issue 4/5 stars!

stars- 4 very good


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