Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider man #8 and #9 Review


Miles Morales-The Ultimate Spider man #8 Review

Twenty five years ago Jefferson aids his brother Aaron in some criminal activities. Things go south and he finds himself arrested and offered a double agent job by Nicholas Fury.  He is later recruited by Turk an up and coming gangster as his major muscle. He’s so good at the job he is eventually recruited by Wilson Fisk before he became the Kingpin of Crime.


Miles Morales-The Ultimate Spider-man #9 Review

Now a part of Wilson Fisk’s crew he tries to get Fury to arrest the villain but he refuses. After he uncovers a mutant growth hormone drug ring Fury finally sweeps in and saves the day. In the present eh has a tear filled moment with his son about his past, the death of Aaron/Prowler and his wife.


What I thought

This was a tear jerking two part story where we finally learn or at least got a glimmer of Jefferson and Aaron Davis’s criminal past. Their ties to SHEILD and a rational of why Jefferson reacted the way he did when Miles revealed he was Spider-man. The art wasn’t my favorite but it fit the tone of the darker tale. It also had a flavor of nostalgia which really enhanced everything. There were a few bouts of action but this is just a triumph of emotion when art and story just form a magnificent symbiosis that beg you to break down in tears. Brian Michael Bendis may not have wowed me with his run on Uncanny X-men but Ultimate Spider-man is still one of the best books being published period! I give these two issues 5/5 stars

stars- 5 excellent


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