Sister Miracle (Character)

Sister Miracle
Sister Miracle

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Grant Morrisson

First Appearance: The Multiversity- The Just #1, 2014

Real Name: Sasha Miracle

Nationality: American

Relatives: Shilo Norman (Father), Mother (Unknown)

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: She appears to have telepathic abilities allowing her to communicate with others via her mind. 



One of the new generation of celebrity superheroes living in a world without crime. She had many connections with those of her generation like Saffi Mason/Megamorpho, Batman/Damien Wayne, Alexis Luthor, Chris Kent son of Superman, Ray Palmer/Atom. She had some form of techno virus which died when she grew sad. It is unknown when she contracted this disease. On the day of her much talked about party she was telebonding with Megamorpho who committed suicide.  Ray Palmer/Atom was in her bloodstream aiding her with the virus at the time. The sadness immediately killed her techno-virus and continued with her party plans.

She also used to date Jakeem “Jay-Jay” Thunder of her world. As the party went on the world was attacked by renegade Superman robots that had kept the world crime free for years [The Multiversity- The Just #1, 2014].


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