15 Comics to Read in 2015: Black Superhero Edition

Happy New Year one and all and welcome 2015! So keeping up with traditions (13 comics to read in 2013 and 13 Comics to read in 2013: Indy List, and 14 Comics to Read in 2014 Black Superhero Edition here are 15 Comics both indy and mainstream to read in 2015!

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  1. INTERCEPTOR by Brandon Easton, Russ Leach and Max Dunbar

Synopsis: Interceptor is Unstoppable Comics latest hero to spring from the pages of The Stormchasers.When David Flynn discovers a magical shield that was supposed to be paired with the sword Excalibur, it turns him into the hero he was always meant to be.2014 Eisner award nominee Brandon Easton, takes Interceptor on a journey from the forests of Avalon and across Europe as he learns the secrets of the Shield Prydewinter.


  1. KAMIKAZE Alan and Carrie Tupper, Writers and Artists; Havana Nguyen

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic future, where food is more precious than gold, feudal corporate houses hoard the last patches of viable cropland from a starving population. When a critical mission is blown, a mysterious covert operation has to find a new recruit to carry out their plans. A young courier intent on escaping her city is unwittingly thrown into a life or death game of espionage from which she may never escape. The comic is set in a world 200 years after a plague wipes out virtually all plant life on Earth. Survivors call it “The Withering.” The whole world turned brown, billions perished, and civilization as we know it was redefined. What happens when the world’s first superheroine shows up two hundred years after the end of the world?



  1. BLAZE BROTHERS VOL 1 Vernon Whitlock III and Matthew Scott Krentz (Writers), Marat Mychaels and Dietrich Smith

Synopsis: IDW Publishing presents Blaze Brothers, “a bullet flying, katana slicing piece of action that delivers.” (comicattack.net) This tale of two orphaned half-brothers, reared by an exiled Chinese martial arts Master, and trained as deadly assassins by a secret US Black Ops force, was illustrated by Marat Mychaels (Deadpool Corp, X-Force: Shatter) with graphic novel variant covers painted by the legendary, Eisner-winning Glenn Fabry!


  1. MATTY’S ROCKET by Tim Fielder, Writer and Artist

Synopsis: Matty’s Rocket is a galaxy spanning tale about the adventures of space pilot Matty Watty. This series is based in an alternative past where the pulp stylings of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis collide with the real world events of World War 2, FDR, Nazis, the Harlem Renaissance and the oppressive Jim Crow era, Watch as Matty navigates her vessel through a dangerous world filled with evil villains, heroic feats, alien oddities and down home adventure.



Synopsis: The Caribbean island of Bimshire became a dangerous place for Kyle Harding after his mother died. Bus stops glow. Flute music haunts the air. And the very shadows seem to stalk him. Kyle only finds comfort in the sugarcane his mother left behind. But when the shadows come for his life, Kyle begins to wonder if the cane would be enough to protect him and his family. Join Kyle Harding as he enters the underground of Bimshire and the world of the Dark Arcs.


Synopsis: Strange Fruit Volume I is a collection of stories from early African American history that represent the oddity of success in the face of great adversity. Each of the nine illustrated chapters chronicles an uncelebrated African American hero or event. From the adventures of lawman Bass Reeves, to Henry “Box” Brown’s daring escape from slavery.


  1. SHAFT by David F. Walker, Writer; Bilquis Evely, Artist

Synopsis: Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine with all the chicks? Shaft! Created by author Ernest Tidyman, and made famous in a series of novels and films, iconic hero Shaft makes his comic book debut in an all-new adventure. He’s gone toe-to-toe with organized crime bosses, stood up to the cops, squared off against kidnappers, and foiled assassination attempts. But who was John Shaft before he became the hardboiled investigator with a reputation as big as New York City itself?

  1. Quincredible by David Gorden, Gerardo Sandoval, Carl Reed and Sai Studios

Synopsis: What good is invulnerability if you are a 100 pound weakling. That is the delima that Quinton West faces as he received the gift of invulnerability but no other powers to compliment it. Now he goes on a quest to become the best super hero he can possibly be even though all of his foes are much stronger than he is. Or so he thinks. Written by David Gorden and drawn by Gerardo Sanduval.


  1. ONENATION: SAFEHOUSE by Jason Reeves, Writer; Samax Amen and Deon De Lange, Artists

Synopsis: In the last days of Desert Storm I, Deacon Taylor revealed to the world his alter-ego the mighty Paragon. At first Deacon decided that his superhero cosplay was a one-off, his comrades had needed his strength at a time when death was certain and that was that. But it seems the role of savior isn’t as easily cast aside as he thought. Witness a day in the life of Paragon!



Synopsis: Welcome to Barbados 2015, one of the world’s prime tourist destinations, home of some of the best golf courses, casinos, luxurious night life and outrageous parties. Beautiful beach front properties and manmade islands add glitz and glamour…. but Barbados has dark side.

Everything seems to be getting back to normal on the home front. Dwayne has fallen into his role as Denise’s protector and driver. With his dreams now dashed, Greg still hasn’t abandoned the sport he loves. With Terrance assumed missing, and one of her good friends dead and the other seriously injured. Randy sets out on a personal mission of revenge. The lawmen Keith and Jason prepare for their next hit.


  1. TECHWATCH by Ernesto (Nesto) Vicente

Synopsis: Tech Watch follows a para military group as they scour the world in search of a power source for a secret project code named H.A.R.D.W.A.R.E. When they finally come across a scientist who has created such a device, they find taking it from it won’t be that easy. Isaiah Grey finds himself out gunned and out Teched. But will the addition of this new unknown assailant from his past spell doom for Isaiah and his Tech Watch? After narrowly escaping a run in with ghost from his past, Isaiah Gray is preparing to stop the destruction of the world.


  1. Multiversity

Synopsis: Join visionary writer Grant Morrison, today’s most talented artists, and a cast of unforgettable characters from 52 alternative Earths of the known DC Multiverse! Prepare to meet the Vampire League of Earth-43, the Justice Riders of Earth-18, Superdemon, Doc Fate, the super-sons of Superman and Batman, the rampaging Retaliators of Earth-8, the Atomic Knights of Justice, Dino-Cop, Sister Miracle, Lady Quark, the legion of Sivanas, the Nazi New Reichsmen of Earth-10 and the latest, greatest Super Hero of Earth-Prime: YOU!


  1. Celeflux Vol. 1 by Mr Everard J McBain Jr (Author),‎ Mrs Dixie Ann E Archer-McBain (Contributor)

Synopsis: Celflux is a sci-fi, action adventure, about OKIRA. A young, benevolent, kindhearted priestess who becomes the involuntary leader of a disjointed group of strangers. They wake up one day in a remote lab without any memory of how they got there, or what happened to them. They must begin a journey of trying to find the answers to those questions, and this task is made difficult not only because of the fact that they have conflicting personalities and prejudices, but also because they are relentlessly pursued by a psychotic killer, and a powerful group of rulers with an army. To get the answers they seek, they must endure great loss, and when they do get the answers, they realize that they have to make a choice. A choice that will cost them everything, and whose outcome will determine the fate of their planet.


  1. Secret Wars Prelude

Synopsis: Follow the path to 2015’s event to end all events, Secret Wars -an epic more than 30 years in the making! From the senses-staggering climax of 1984’s original Secret Wars saga, to the origin of Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man, it’s all been leading up to this. And Marvel’s master planner, Jonathan Hickman, has long been planting seeds for the story only he could write. The Ultimates face an enemy more powerful than the gods -and Reed Richards is its leader! Doctor Doom faces threats from a universe he created! And the Illuminati reunite to face the reality-destroying threat of the Incursions! War is coming -be ready!


  1. Brotherhood of the Fringe by Steven Harris

The Fringe in a nutshell is a world where a woman of an oppressed people, is allowed to live amongst the privileged, is found to be a collaborator of an insurgent group called The Fringe. As a result, the authorities of an exploitative corporate regime apprehend her. Due to her intimate knowledge of the insurgency she is turned out (brainwashed) and transformed into a living weapon to help seek out and destroy the Fringe insurgency.

There you have it our list for 2015,



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