Flint (Character)

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Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearance: Inhuman #3

Created by: Charles Soule and Joe Maduiera

Alias: Korvostax

Real Name: Jason

Team Affiliation:  The Inhumans

Height: 5’ 7”                           Weight: 120 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown                  Hair Color: Black, dyed white mohawk

Relatives:  Unnamed African Inhuman Family and ancestors (Status Unknown),

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: He has a level of geokinesis allowing him to move rocks and stone with his mind though he can’t do anything with dirt and sand [Inhuman #4].


Born in an undisclosed African nation of Inhumans, he was adopted by an American family at a young age. In Northern Minesota where he grew up he was the only black person he knew in eight years. As time went on he began to long for the day he could just leave his small quaint home town because he just felt like he did not belong. At age seventeen he became rebellious as he waited for one more year to be “free”. During the events of Infinity after king Black Bolt detonated the Terrigen bomb he was forced to evacuate his home along with his family and his entire community [Inhuman #5].

Origin of Jason from Inhuman #5 story by Charles Soule, art by Ryan Stegman
Origin of Jason from Inhuman #5 story by Charles Soule, art by Ryan Stegman

While waiting on the bus with the others however they found the road blocked and his father finally revealed that all the people of the town were of Inhuman descent and he was adopted from an African tribe of the Same ancestry. As the Terrigen washed over them they all found themselves transformed [Inhuman #5].

Upon breaking from his cocoon he found himself changed but no one else from his town had undergone successful rebirth [Inhuman #5]. Found by Lash he was taken to Orollan and inducted into their ranks. Renamed Korvostax by Lash Jason was told of the evil Inhuman queen Medusa and the History of the lost Inhuman city. When Orollan was attacked by Medusa he chose to leave with her [Inhuman #3].

In the city of Atillan he was “Quarantined” as they learned the scope of his powers and whether it was safe or not for him to roam the city. He bonded with Dante during this time and met Lineage who revealed his real family in Africa were still alive and well [Inhuman #4]. When New Attilan was taken over by the Unspoken he joined with his fellow Nuhumans to take back the city [Inhuman #5]. In the decisive battle with the villain he was the one who destroyed the Terrigen crystals thus depriving him of his powers and allowing Dante to take him out. In the process however Vinatos the chief scientist of the Inhumans was killed [Inhumans #6]. After the events of AXIS where Medusa had her personality changed he witnessed this at the funeral rites of Vinatos [Inhumans #9]. When Iso was brought to New Attilan Flint was again present to defend the city from the agents of Ennilux [Inhumans #11-12].

The two quickly grew close due to her aptitude with machines. While working on a portal doorway device his powers underwent a change and the rocks disappeared from his face and the two shared a kiss [Uncanny Inhumans #1, 2015].


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