Hessia (Character)

Hessia- The Healer
Hessia- The Healer

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Charles Soule and Tony Daniel

1st appearance: Superman/Wonder Woman #1, December 2013

Nationality: Themysciran

Team Affiliations: Amazons

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’                    Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Brown

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Trained from birth in armed and unarmed combatant. Hessia is also a gifted healer.

Powers:  She possesses the standard abilities of the Amazons, she is immortal and possesses great superhuman physical strength, speed, durability, healing, and enhanced senses.

Equipment: She possesses a golden belt which allows her to manifest a powerful suit of armor which further enhances her considerable strength and resistance to injury. The armor also comes with a winged spear. The armor also grants her the power of flight.

Usually in battle Hessia uses a golden trident and fishing net.


Hessia is an Amazon healer and one of the last Amazons’s to escape Themiscira. While still on the island she had to often journey to Tartarus fr medicinal items that could not be found anywhere else. These far tunnels churned with deadly beasts—chained titans, many armed Hekatonkeires with a blade in every fist and monsters of every description. She had to face them all and face them she did, and won [Superman/ Wonder Woman #9].

It has been hinted that she was banished or shamed in some way and thus had to leave the island [Superman/ Wonder Woman #7].  After leaving she settled in England and now runs a martial arts school where she teaches young girls how to defend themselves. She is also apparently the best friend of Wonder Woman [Superman/ Wonder Woman #4].

She spars with Wonder Woman as the ½ god tries to work out her feelings for Superman. Wonder Woman is concerned that Superman wants to hide their relationship but Hessia reminds her he has spent his life hiding and that’s what he does with things he cares for [Superman/ Wonder Woman #1].

When Wonder Woman panics about spoiling Christmas for Superman because she didn’t quite understabd human culture, Hessia consoles her [Superman/Wonder Woman #3]. Hessia later leaks their relationship to the press in a bid to help her Amazon sister [Superman/ Wonder Woman #1].

When Diana comes to her for advice about the media she again gives her advice and the two work of some stress in battle [Superman/Wonder Woman #4]. When he and Wonder Woman are almost killed by Zod Superman takes Diana to Hessia in hope of saving her life. Hessia uses a purple crystal which heals Diana completely through unknown means [Superman/ Wonder Woman #7].

When Superman becomes infected by the doomsday virus Wonder Woman carries Hessia to him in the hope that she can save him. Hessia activates a powerful armor and does battle with the Doomsday Superman but finds herself outclassed completely. On the brink of death she is saved by Diana [Superman/ Wonder Woman #9].


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