Quincredible (Character)

QuinnPublisher: Lion Forge Comics

Created by: David Gorden and Gerardo Sanduval

1st appearance: Quincredible #1,

Real Name: Quinton West

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 100 lbs    Height: 5’7

Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed father (Status Unknown), Unnamed Mother (Status Unknown)

Skills and abilities: Trained in the martial arts of Aikido.

Powers: Invulnerability



Quinton West has always been a weakling. Smaller than just about everyone in school he was first bullied by “Derrick”, a red haired hulking boy. Despite his size though he stood up to Derrick who tried to take his lunch money. He lost the fight but his father was very proud of his courage [Quincredible #3]. As a teenager he gained the superhuman power of invulnerability after being exposed to a mysterious meteor while cutting his neighbor Mr. C’s yard [Quincredible #4].

Quincredible  origin

It’s a Quincredible life!

With a burning desire to help others Quinn decides to use his “Incredible” power to save lives as the superhero “Quincredible”. He makes his big debut facing off with a a superhuman who tried to rob a bank. His inexperience almost had him defeated but quick thinking had him coming out on top. After defeating the behemoth he met with the press [Quincredible #1].

Realizing his limitations and need to improve his skills he enlisted his strange neighbor Mr. C to train him. The training involved explosives and an assortment of weird occurrence. Luckily Quinn survived and was more equipped to take the challenges he was certain to face [Quincredible #2].

Quinn next faced Degenerate who turned out to be his old bully Derrick from childhood. At first he is overwhelmed by memories of the past [Quincredible #3] but his training by Mr. C prove to be very useful as he defeats the superior adversary. The Us army quickly move in to secure Degenerate as he watches on with Mr. C [Quincredible #4].

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