Esther Simmons


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: David Hine and Brian Haberlin

1st appearance: Spawn #173

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Weight: 130 lbs    Height: 5’6

Eyes: Brown        Hair: White

Relatives: Bernard Simmons (Husband),

Little Richie (Son), Al Simmons/Spawn (Son), Marc Simmons (Son)

Wanda Fitzgerald (Daughter in Law), Morena (Grand daughter),

Skills and Abilities: Talented detective.


Spawn’s Mother and a Faithful servant of Malefic/Mammon.

She met Malefic while she was 21 years old and attending college. She was studying comparative religion at Western Michigan. She had a boyfriend who at the time invited her to join a satanist group, the church of Lucifer. One night Malefic showed up and watched them with contempt  as if he were watching children at play. When he looked at Esther  there was an instant connection, she remembers it was like fire in her blood. When he left the meeting she followed without a single spoken word. In the days and months that followed he showed her true power as he summoned demons from hell and he told her of the Hellspawn who were chosen from among humankind to lead the hosts of the underworld to war. He told her there had been many hellspawn but he knew that there was one coming who would be far greater than those who had come before. He told her she would be the mother of the promised one. She was ready to have his child but he was a fallen Angel and would not defile himself with human passions….he chose Bernard Simmons to be the father of her children [Spawn #173].

After the marriage she learned of his family journal but convinced the simpering Bernard that they lived in more enlightened times and it was unnecessary to terrify their children to make them brave. Bernard bent to her will and the Journal of Henry Simmons did not warn the next generation of Simmons men.

Yeas later Al Simmons finally returned to confront her and she confessed it all even allowing Bernard to let him see the journal. Malefic did keep his promise and visit her with her granddaughter Morana which pleased her greatly [Spawn #176].

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