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What if you had the ability to communicate with someone inside their final dream but were powerless to prevent the dream from ending? Al Simmons journeys to a place he vowed he would never go: to his childhood, and to the side of a dying man he never fully knew in order to save the soul of his own estranged father. Meanwhile, Al’s personal tragedy magnifies as the forces of darkness close in on the souls of those he loves the most.

What I thought

On the good side we have great art by Jonboy and a tale about Spawn helping his neglectful father to crossover to his point of judgement. There was a fair bit of action and we get a good look at the big bad for this sojourn.

I am so damn confused at this point. Al Simmons Father shows up but he has a radically different appearance and personality from the last time I saw him back when Al Simmons had the revelations with Malefic.  His mother also shows up….but she sure as hell is not the Esther Simmons who was a devil worshiper and groomed her sons to be pawns in his game. Was there a soft reboot that took place that I am unaware of? I am so damn lost!

It was a decent read and I can reconcile even the father with established continuity but his mother…that I can’t reconcile. For that reason I give this issue 2.5/5 Stars

stars- 2.5 Average


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