Mighty Avengers (2013) #5 Review

Mightyavengers#5 1 INHUMANITY TIE-IN It’s the leadership challenge you’ve been waiting for! Luke vs The Superior Spider-Man – with She-Hulk arbitrating! As in “arbitrating” a robot’s head off! Extreme physical discourtesy the way you crave it, True Believer!


The Good

Cover- This month’s cover shows Luke Cage’s very large fist smashing against the jaw of the Superior Spider man. How many fans and teammates of the Superior one have wanted to do just this since 2013? Far too many to count and for that we are eternally grateful to Luke for laying the smack down on that superior Spider ass.Mightyavengers#5 3

Art- Greg Land does good work this month. A few hitches surely but solid nonetheless.

Action- Luke Cage and Jessica vs. Spider man and his troops: Power Man, Monica Rambeau and White Tiger vs. Barbara and Were-creature; Oh yes this issue had its fair share of over the top action mixed with lovely one liners, this is the stuff good comics are made of.

Story- Words can’t describe how awesome it was to watch Spider-man spout off while Jessica Jones called someone to secure their daughter before she and her husband went to town on Spider man. That small bit of parental concern for their child and calling in their “lawyer” really enhanced the entire package and makes me think Al Ewing knows exactly what he’s doing.

Black Heroes- Blade/Ronin is still in disguise, Luke Cage and his wife are all up in Superior’s business, while White Tiger, Monica Rambeau and New Power Man are also present while putting their powers on epic display. Falcon was there but….he’s just there…as usual.

Potential- I’m enjoying how Cortex industries plays into things. Barbara is an interesting foil to the team granted her powers and martial arts/espionage skills. I’m expecting her to be a recurrent foil over the course of this series.

Mystery- Who are “the Walkers” and what do they want?

Buy it- I’m tired of hearing “Black books don’t sell” so put your money where your mouth is and buy it here.



The Bad

Art- though Land’s art held up well this month there were a few instances where he recycled/traced a few poses from previously done work. This is the big thing that constantly has people lambasting his artistic skills. Tragically this issue suffers for it.


The Ugly

Al Ewing and Greg Land continue to deliver a killer book each and every month and like fine wine it ages beautifully! 4/5

stars- 4

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