Quincredible #3 Review

Quincredible #3 1

Quincredible faces off against the ultra powerful supervillian Degenerate. What Quinton doesn’t realize yet is that Degenerate has a hidden ace up his sleave. He’s the bully that beat Quinton up for eight years straight and he knows that Quinton is deathly afraid of him. Can Quinton overcome his fear or will he end up just another notch on the belt of a uncontrollable villian?


The Good

Action– This issue we have Quinn vs. Degenerate and as usual with this title it illustrated very well in a fluid and consistent manner.

Past- I enjoyed this brief glimpse into the past and psyche of our hero Quinn. So far we have no idea who he lives with so meeting his father was welcomed. It’s cliché at this point to have the hero being a weakling who was bullied but just this small glimpse into Quinn’s character made me enjoy this issue allot.

Art- This issue marks the debut of Eddie Nunez and god, this is the best looking issue so far of the series! Nunez’s art has an anime vibe fused with Joe Maduiera circa 1996. It is gloriously stylized and expertly kissed by the Sai Studious colors. Quincredible’s art is simply stunning!

Buy it– You can purchase Quincredible #3 here

The Bad

Error– On page 19 there is an error. The text box reads “was that was Mr. C was trying to teach me?!?” it should read “was that what Mr. C was trying to teach me?!?”

Cover– I personally think this cover would have been allot better if it was in color instead of monochrome.

The road travelled– As Quinn was tossed around by the bully from his childhood who now also had superpowers I could not help but remember Static’s early issues written by Dwayne McDuffie. This is the same situation simply updated for another hero. That revelation of who degenerate was wasn’t terribly inventive or exciting.


The Ugly

Quincredible #3 has gorgeous interior art, solid characterization and over the top action. This one was truly forged in the lion’s den- 3/5

stars- 3 good


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