Bantam (Character)


Created by: Mark Gruenwald, David Wohl, and M.C. Wyman

1st appearance: Captain America Annual #12, 1993       Death: Civil War: Frontline #3. 2006

Aliases: Roberto Velasquez, the Battling Bantam

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Height: 5’5”      Weight: 119lbs

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: Skilled in American boxing

Powers: superhuman strength, durability, agility, speed, and endurance; his skin can repel bullets,

Weapons: none


Roberto Velasquez was a talented boxer in his home town of San Juan, Puerto Rico. With his small size and weight, he was unsure if he could make it as a professional boxer. He was approached by international crime boss Armando Avilés who offered to finance an experimental physical augmentation treatment for him to undergo to aid him in his career. Unknown to Velásquez, the treatment in which Avilés suggested was to be conducted by the Power Broker. a criminal organizer who used the strength augmentation process which was first developed by the criminal research scientist Karl Malus..After receiving the treatment, Velásquez inadvertently killed his opponent in his first match. He went into hiding and after refusing to join Avilés’ gang. Before his treatments Roberto would spare with his friend Manuel Torres. Manuel was killed by another augmented fighter named Hammerhead, who was in the employ of Aviles. Roberto joined forces with Captain America, and they both raided Power Broker Inc. where he defeated Hammerhead. Bantam returned to San Juan and split his time between training other boxers and super heroics. Due to his powers, he never stepped into the ring to fight again. (Captain America Annual #12, 1993) During the Civil War, Roberto registered with the government. He was sent to New York to bring in Thunderclap, who didn’t register. During the battle, Thunderclap used his sonic boom to propel Roberto into a gas truck which exploded, killing him. (Civil War: Frontlines #3)

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