Pathway (Character)

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Pathway-Laura Dean

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Bill Mantlo and Jim Lee

1st appearance: Alpha Flight #53 (Dec 1987)

Nationality:  Canadian

Team Affiliations: Alpha Flight and Beta Flight

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with no criminal record

Height: 4’8                     Weight: 90 lbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black

Relatives: Darby Dean (father, deceased), Susan Dead (mother), Goblyn (Twin Sister)

Skills and abilities: Trained hand to hand combatant thanks to Beta Flight training.

Powers:Laura has the ability to open “holes” in the barriers that separate dimensions due to a mutated X-gene making her a mutant. Her control over these holes is absolute and their seems to be no limit to the amount that she can open at any given time with little to no side effects or strain to herself. Her default opening destination is to a place called “Live world” but she can also open portals across the earth allowing for instantaneous movement across vast distances. Offensively she can open portals around an opponent or carefully time a portal to have their power enter a portal in front of them and hit them from behind or above.

She also has a psionic-rapor with her twin sister Goblyn, they can each sense when the other is in danger, in her case she instinctively always teleports her sister out of mortal danger.


Born into the Dean family who suffered from terrible mutant-Phobia, Laura and her twin sister who would later be known as Goblyn had a harsh life even before birth. Goblyn had an obvious mutation and as a result their parents tried to kill her. Laura subconsciously sent her sister to another dimension with her powers.  Growing up autistic her parents sent her to the “New Life Clinic” which unknown to them was run by the villain “Scramble”.

While she was at the clinic she came out of her autistic fugue and escaped only to be caught and recruited by the villain Bedlam. Forced onto Bedlam’s villain team “the derangers” she was forced to fight Alpha Flight. During the battle she accidentally swapped places with her sister Goblyn who had been living in another dimension since birth. After the battle she joined the Beta Flight team the junior Canadian super team.

The team at first thought the sisters were the same person until venturing into “Live world” the dimension in which Goblyn lived. When Alpha flight disbanded they lived with teammate Persuasion and later sought out North Star for Talisman. They were later mortally wounded in battle when Wildchild lost control. When Alpha Flight and Beta Flight were disbanded Laura and her sister disappeared.


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