Goblyn (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Bill Mantlo and Jim Lee

1st appearance: Alpha Flight #48 (Dec 1987)

Nationality:  Canadian

Team Affiliations: Alpha Flight and Beta Flight

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with no criminal record

Height: 4’8                     Weight: 90 lbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black

Relatives: Darby Dean (father), Susan Dead (mother), Laula Dean (Twin Sister)

Skills and abilities: Skilled natural fighter

Powers: Goblyn had a feral mutation which coated her body in slick black and blue fur, she had three fingers on each hand with razor sharp claws, cloven hooves, an abnormally large head with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. Her mutant physiology gave her enhanced strength superhuman agility and a degree of resistance to physical injury.


Goblyn was almost born into the mutant hating Dean Family, unfortunately for her while still in the womb her parents discovered that she had an obvious mutation. Afraid of having a mutant child they subjected her mother’s womb to experimental radiation to kill Gobyln but hopefully leave her sister alive. In the middle of the procedure Goblyn disappeared from the womb and her parents thought the procedure had been successful. Unknown to all Laura had used her powers to subconsciously send her sister to “live world” an alternate dimension in which she grew up feral and free from prejudice.

When Laura was sent to battle Alpha Flight she switched places with Goblyn causing everyone to think they were the same person who could simply change form. Over the course of her adventures the team came to realize she was the unborn twin sister of Laura who her parents had tried to kill in the womb. She bonded mostly with Purple Girl with whom she could exchange thoughts when their powers connected. Even when the team disbanded she and her sister lived with Purple Girl.

When Beta Flight was reformed they joined and stayed with the team until the very end. Goblyn and her sister have not been seen or referenced in years.


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