Batwing #18 Review

Batwing #18 Review
Batwing #18 Review

Batwing’s armor is destroyed!

Will the man behind the suit be enough to keep one of his only friends alive?


The Good

Art- Fabrizio Fiorentino does his best work yet as he highlights killer action, the sexy and seductive Dawn and everything has this stylized tinge I’m going to surely miss.

Cover- Well this is the last hurrah for David Zavimbe before the all new status Quo sets in. This cover shows David cradling Matu Ba as his new enemy bares down on him from above his suit and base in shambles around him.

New status quo- here’s hoping that with this issue marking the end of David Zavimbe’s reign as the titular star of this book the new guy is black……otherwise I have no reason to either review this book or continue to pick it up.

Tension- This issue you could ct the tension with a knife as the stakes are driven way up, David loses his job, betrayal by childhood friend Dawn, clandestine meetings, betrayal and a villain leagues above our hero both in terms of tech and brains. If this is the end of David Zavimbe’s tale as our protagonist this was a pretty good sendoff.

Black heroes- Dawn our luscious femme fatale, Batwing/David Zavimbe our Batman of Africa and Matu ba the man behind the bat.

The Bad

This is the end of David Zavimbe’s stint as protagonist of the Batwing title. This also marks the end of any single black lead carrying his/her own book in the DC Comics New 52. There are also rumors that the new protagonist for the book is yet another character of European descent (yawn). It was good while it lasted!


The Ugly

Thank you Fabian Nicieza for an epic send off, just like when you took over the Red Robin title from Chris Yost you delivered big time while adding your own brand of cool. This issue was bittersweet for me, thus why it took so long to write, I know this is the end of Batwing as we know it, I know that Batwing has slipped way past those low cancellation numbers, I know Static Shock, Mister Terrific and Voodoo have all gone the way of the dodo and knowing my go to DC Comic book for my Black Hero fix is changing gears and essentially kicking David Zavimbe to the curve I’m torn, more so than any of the other books being cancelled. (Sigh) Here’s to  Grant Morrison, Judd Winnick and Fabian Nicieza I enjoyed this book from start to finish and give props to all for their involvement in the creation and execution of Batwing. I’ll miss where this book could have gone but as they, don’t cry because it’s over be thankful it happened. 4/5

stars- 4


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5 thoughts on “Batwing #18 Review

  • March 26, 2013 at 1:08 am

    This just sucks. Another good title about us shafted. Pun intended on many levels.

  • March 26, 2013 at 5:36 am

    That “limbo” area at DC where characters go is full of BLACK HEROES! I mean, Static, Voodoo, and Mr. Terrific are already there and have been there, but they have also sent Thunder and Lighting to that great void (relaunched their dad as a younger dude who has no kids), and seemingly moved the whole town of Dakota there and left Icon and Rocket to guard it. And don’t get me started on the plot to kill John Stewert! Even white people are mad about that!

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