Uncanny X-men (2013) #2 Review

Uncanny X-men (2013) #2
Uncanny X-men (2013) #2


There is a mole on Cyclops’ team, but who is it?

When you hunt the UNCANNY X-MEN you use Sentinels, but when you find out WHO’S DOING THE HUNTING your jaw will drop!

The Good

Cover- The luscious Ms. Frost clad in black in her diamond form. The use of red to contrast the black and white gives a distinctive look to this one on the stands.

Emma Frost- My dear sweet, broken Emma how I love thee regardless of what may have transpired during Avengers Vs X-men; In this issue we finally have feedback on where the hell Emma’s mind about the aftermath of AVX. Bendis gets into her mind about the “cheating on Scott” with Namor and confessing said act to Scott, which puts a whole other spin on why he tried to kill her in AVX and steal her portion of the Phoenix force. Emma is still in love with Scott but now can’t see how they will ever be able to come back together now that she has “tainted” their love and everything they had.

Black Heroes- Christopher is here front and center and the best and brightest of this new crop of X-men

Uncanny X-men 2013 2 (2)The School- I love the design of the school as it’s been set up in the old weapon-X compound. Clearly not the space available on Utopia or at the Jean Grey School for higher learning but I’m pretty damn sure when Scott is done with his students they will be the toughest mofos since cable’s original X-force team.

Emotional– After Schism Magneto became one of Scott’s highest ranking lieutenants and confidants, during the early part of AVX he was a big supporter of everything Scott and the Phoenix five did. Now he’s literally turned traitor and mole for the humans running SHEILD, the fact that I am pissed shows that I give more than a damn for the story and whats going on.

Emma Frost and Scott Summers- God how I love the exchange they had this issue. It’s a very grown up way of dealing with a breakup where both parties must still work together.

Students- It was cool how Bendis started to individualize the new mutants by letting them have differing opinions on whether or not they should stay at the new XSFG or attempt to return to a “normal life” with their powers unchecked in this hostile environment. My man Christopher despite his crappy get up was the lone voice of reason realizing that you would need to be an idiot to even think of returning home now that your powers have activated in a post AVX environment.

Art-Bachalo continues stellar work on the interior art. I literally have no complaints about a single panel

Betrayal- How much of an asshole is Magneto right now? On a scale of 1-10 he’s easily a 20!  Can I kill him now Bendis? Or shall I wait of Scott, Emma and Magik to deal with this f*****!


The Bad

 These opening issues  have been mostly set up and that will put some off.

New Mutants- Unlike Generation X, Academy X, Wolverine and the X-men and New Mutants before it this book has not sold us on the students yet. Sure I love Cyclops and Emma Frost but I’m even more interested in finding out

Faux Betrayal- It would undermine the whole opening arc if Magneto was doing this under orders from Cyclops or he’s doing this for “their own good”.


The Ugly

Magneto’s betrayal has literally cut me deep, with this one gesture Bendis has given this series emotional depth and resonance I have not felt since Bendis ripped Storm and Black Panther apart along with Emma Frost and Scott Summers. This is a damn good read with great art! 5/5

stars- 5


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