Exiles #33 Review

exiles#33 cover


Sasquatch and Morph are trapped in an unknown alternate reality pursued by a feral wolverine. Heather manages to elude his pursuit and protect morph. She remembers on her own world how she fell in love with Wolverine and was forced to kill him. After this ordeal she fell in love with James Hudson.

Before she can kill Wolverine she and morph are teleported out of this world. exiles#33 2


The Good

Cover– Black, white and green are the dominant colors of this cover. Sasquatch blends into the snow filled forest while Wolverine stalks in the foreground.

Art-Tom Mandrake’s art has a dark shadowy tone to it that fit the story very well. The fights were well choreographed and he managed to also squeeze emotions out of Heather’s Sasquatch form. Good stuff!

Black Hero- Heather Hudson/Sasquatch’s history gets told in dramatic fashion here.exiles#33 1 Her marriage to Wolverine and her scientific background gets most of the spotlight as well as the revelation that she’s not an alternate version of the white heather Hudson of marvel 616. Said version existed in her own world alongside herself.

Emotional- Not the best executed love story for Wolverine and Sasquatch but you could feel ad see the pain in her eyes at the prospect of killing a man she loved once more.


The Bad

As fun as the story was it served no purpose in advancing the overall story of the team.

If you dislike Sasquatch and Wolverine you’re not going to enjoy this story.


The Ugly

For some well needed fleshing out of one of the more overlooked members of this team I give this issue 3/5




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