Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #1

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Travis Parham thought he’d seen hell. As a lieutenant in the Confederate Army, he stood neck-deep in muck and blood, surrounded by the whistle of hot shrapnel and men’s screams. But if it wasn’t for a former slave named Caleb….he’d still be in that war-zone dying.

Two years later, Parham has carved a new life for himself, doing his best to forget the depravity that lurks in the pits of men’s souls and working off the land, trying to repay Caleb as best he can.ghostrider1 3

Now, Parham’s tranquil world is about to be rudely interrupted. Up from the depths comes a force of nature that transcends his wildest dreams — a fiery wraith that knows a thing or two about evil, and even more about vengeance.


In the battle to free the slaves of America Travis Parnam is injured and saved by a freed slave Caleb and nursed back to health by him and his family. After recovering he stays with Caleb for two years and they become friends. Parnam also learns that Caleb’s family has a connection to a spirit of Vengeance. At the end of the war he finally decides to leave Caleb’s farm that same night KKK members circle Caleb’s house.ghostrider1 2


The Good

Cover- Very simple but still very effective, a simple skull on an almost plain background, logo on top with just a hint of blue flames enveloping said skull with a wisp of normal flame on the top. It looks like a 90’s horror poster which is probably why I like it so much.

Art- Clayton Crain’s art always shines in macabre bloody stories and this one is no exception. The story plays up Clayton’s strengths while downplaying his weaknesses.

Caleb- Now here’s a fascinating character, a freed slave who bears no ill will to racists and those who would lynch him. He also has profound understand of the time in which he lives with the slaughter and near extinction of the native Americans as those of European descent assimilate all of the Americas in hopes of increasing their “riches”.

The Bad

The Ugly

Overall I give this issue a 3/5


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