Caleb/Ghost Rider (Character)

Caleb/Ghost Rider
Caleb/Ghost Rider


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Barbra Kesel and Anthony Williams

1st appearance: Ghost Rider: Trail of Souls #1, 2007

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  6’3           Weight: 235 lbs

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

Relatives: Parents (Deceased), Esther (Wife/deceased), Joseph and Jacob (Sons/deceased)

Skills and abilities: Has basic knowledge of African based magic passed down in his bloodline, most notably he was taught how to become a Ghost Rider.

Powers: Superhuman


Born during slavery Caleb managed to save enough money to buy himself and his wife’s freedom. They settled in the south and had two sons Joseph and Caleb.

He rescued Travis Parnam on a battlefield even though he fought against those who wanted to free slaves. Over time they became friends and gained a mutual respect for each other. When Parnam left his ranch his family was killed by the local KKK. During the ordeal he was forced to watch as the men hung his children and repeatedly raped his wife. Left for dead the only thing that kept him alive was the need for revenge and justice. With this in mind he reached out to the spirit of vengeance his family had kept with them thus becoming a Ghost Rider.

He then hunted down his executioners and killed them and all those they held dear, before becoming a local legend and myth of the west. Hundreds of years later he joined the current Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze in defending heaven.


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