Storm #1 Review

The X-men’s resident “goddess” in her first very own limited series! Seeking to find out more about Gene Nation, Storm makes a discovery that could prove fatal! Guest Starring X-force’s Cable!


On the anniversary of the Morlock Massacre the next generation of Morlocks stage a re-enactment on humans only to be thwarted by Storm and her her X-men. In the process Storm seemingly kills their leader, a guilty storm return to the sewers…the sight of her greatest failure as a leader.

These events are detailed in

Generation X #5 and #6

Uncanny X-men #323 and #324

Uncanny X-men #325


Cable finds Storm’s dead body and brings her death to the X-men’s attention. In a flashback we realize Storm has been having a serious problem with how she dealt with Marrow, by ripping her heart out. She speaks with Cable and returns to the Morlock tunnels to perform the “ceremony of light”. After she does she’s snatched through a portal and accidentally uses her power to collapse the ceiling.

What I thought

I liked the conflict in Storm’s heart about what she had done. This was something seriously lacking in Uncanny X-men #325 when she ripped Marrow’s heart out. Here her characterization is a bit better though some whimpering on her part seems out there. The attraction between herself and Cable would continue until the early 2000’s under Claremont before subsequent writers would just forget it ever existed.  This issue also serves to answer the question of what really happened to the Morlocks during the “flood”. Cover was pretty awesome too! This issue also touches on Storm‘s many failings as leader and lover. The tragic romance with Forge, the death of the Morlocks the apparent death of Marrow etc.

The colors for the issue were dull and lifeless and why was Storm’s costume a black version of her very popular 90’s silver costume? Someone screwed up big time on the colors in this book! And this is not Terry Dodson’s best artwork either, passable at best, terrible at worst!

Overall it was a step in the right direction though the art fell way short of expectations 2.5/5

stars- 2.5 Average


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