Uncanny X-men #323 and #324 Review

Uncanny X-men #323 Review

Rogue and Iceman get a flat tire! Psylocke and Archangel work out! Gambit wakes up! Sabertooth goes for a walk! Graydon Creed makes a speech! And if that wasn’t  enough Gene Nation takes over a morgue!


Iceman and Rogue continue a trek across the Americas after she accidentally left Gambit in a coma thanks to a kiss. At the mansion Gambit interrupts Psylocke and Archangel’s training in the danger room before collapsing, Elsewhere Storm breaks up a tussle between Wolverine and Cannonball over the seemingly vegetative Sabretooth.

Beast breaks up with Trish Tilby over breaking the legacy Virus to the world. Storm, Wolvie and Cannonball meet up with Charlotte Jones who is investigating a recent mutant hate crime. While at the Morgue they are attacked by Sack and Vessel of Gene Nation


What I thought

Joe Maduiera turns in a lovely cover featuring Storm, Wolverine, Cannonball and two Gene Nationals: Vessel and Glass. Even by today’s standards these deluxe X-men covers are still stunning, with dynamic colors that stand the test of time. This begins a small X-men line crossover which celebrates the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre which leads to Storm donning a new costume and a slightly more edgy personality.Storm and Charlotte Jones are the stars we get this issue. Charlotte is my favorite detective in the marvel universe and the Archangel breakup is forever hanging over her head. Good times! On the bad side Compared to the cover this issue was a travesty in the art department and good god how did we read comics with this much exposition in the 90’s?

A start to what could have been a great anniversary though it fizzled when marvel back down from throwing publicity behind it. It still stands as a blight on Storm’s leadership capabilities as her failure with the morlocks literally created a new generation of violent outcasts who lashed out at the world. 2.5/5


Uncanny X-men #324 Review

Round one between the Morlock’s Gene Nation Begins! Also Psylocke takes a telepathic stroll inside Gambit’s Mind!


In Gambit’s mind Psylocke tries to discover his secrets, he discovers her first however and kicks her out of his mind.  Elsewhere Vessel and Sack attack Charlotte, Storm, Wolverine and Cannonball. They manage to defeat the villain but they still escape. Elsewhere Ice Man calls Emma Frost and Rogue continues her trek across America.

What I thought

 Love the design of the gene nations, always have. Vessel is a hulking green beast with pulsating Veins and tubes throughout his body. Sack/Glass is a mucus enriched blue bag of bones with regenerative and possessive powers. These guys were never used quite right when Lobell left and it’s such a pity they could have easily become akin to the marauders. I also dig Wolverine without the adamantium. The Bone claws are so much cooler than adamantium and the feral mutated wolverine trumps the pretty boy that exists in New Avengers now by a mile. Oh how I miss the furry little beast Wolvie used to be.Joe Maduiera is back on art duties and thank god for it! The love is a lovely rendered battle between Vessel and Wolverine.  This issue was mostly action book ended by the Mutant Massacre fallout. 3/5


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