Judd Winick leaves Batwing and DC Comics

Hot off the heels of Rob Liefeld and Grant Morison’s departure from DC Comics comes this devastating news that Batwing scribe and long time writer Judd Winick is also packing his bags and leaving the company. Are more writers calling it quits too? Only time will tell but if Rob is to be believed things are not ” a bed of roses” in this New 52 Dc land! Below is a quote from Winick on his departure. More as it breaks!

“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I’ll be leaving the DC monthly Batwing. I’ve had a terrific time on the title and have loved crafting this adventure with some phenomenal people. Artists Ben Oliver, Marcus To, and Brain Reber have made these stories come to life. I will miss telling the tales of David Zavimbe, the Batman of Africa in many ways, but I’m proud of the work we’ve done. My departure is simply a time issue. I’m pursing a few other projects that make it impossible for me continue doing a monthly book.”

[Source: Bleeding Cool]

3 thoughts on “Judd Winick leaves Batwing and DC Comics

  1. It’s got nothing to do with managing time and everything to do with “New 52” being a shitty idea from the start. Nothing but a power-tripping vanity project forced on the readers and staff by Johns, DiDio, and Lee.

  2. unfortunate…though Batwing was going downhill after the first arc. Hopefully he’ll fall into more capable hands. Thats if they keep him around..

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