Charm (Character)


Created by:  Warren Ellis and Terry Dodson

1st appearance: Storm #3, 1996

Nationality: Gene National

Team Affiliations: Gene Nation

Legal Status: None

Height:  5’7             Weight: 180 lbs.

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Well trained hand to hand combatant

Powers: Unknown


Charm grew up in the alternate dimension of the “Hill” which was ruled by Mikail Rasputin brother of the X-men Peter Rasputin-Colossus and Illyana Rasputin-Magik of the New Mutants. Here the young of the sewer dwelling morlocks were subjected to a darwinistic way of life of, survival of the fittest. Charm was one of the finest fighters of the next generation of morlocks now called Gene Nation. His skill was such that he became one of the personal guards to Mikail himself. When Storm leader of the X-men “killed’ Marrow and returned to the sewers to perform the ceremony of light she was taken to the “Hill” where Charm and his team battled her. Upon defeat they were taken back to the earth dimension and sent to a remote African village to live peacefully. It’s unknown what became of him after Humanities last stand attacked the village and M-day stripped most mutants of their powers.


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