Green Lantern New Guardians #8 Review


In the past the New Guardians leave the artificial solar system. Kyle laments that even though he promised Invictus to eliminate Larfleez they don’t have nearly enough power to defeat either foe. Arkillo realizes the Sinestro Corps is no more he flies off to investigate, Munk teleports away to the Purple Lantern home planet. Kyle and the others disband to recharge their rings and retrieve their power batteries.

In the present Arkillo frees the Qwardian weaponer from being executed by the Korugians and asks where the yellow power battery and the sinestro corps are. The two then fight off their attackers and make a brief escape where the weaponer reveals sinestro’s betrayal and the destruction of the corps, how he survived and his creation of a yellow ring that operates outside the influence of Sinestro. For this gift Arkillo will help the weaponer secure the artificial solar system under Invitus control.


The Good

Cover-Arkillo raging against being bound by the people of Korugar after recent events in the main Green Lantern book, I like it!

Continuity- I do so love when the events of one book spill over into another (in a meaningful and none forced way) Here the events of the main Green Lantern book have caused the de-powerment of New guardians member Arkillo and what happens when this betrayal by his mentor and yellow lantern creator Sinestro takes place.  Where do the yellow lanterns go from here? It’s up to Arkillo to fix things! Also of note are the nods to the Purple lantern stuff now taking place in Green Lantern and the Red Lantern book stuff (lots of continuity threads in this one).

Team– I’m still very much intrigued by the pairing of these characters. They barely escaped from their first adventure by agreeing to kill one of the most powerful beings in the universe; Larfleez; Arkillo now makes a deal to secure the artificial solar system for the weaponer…….he can’t possibly make good on such a promise when the rainbow corps could not defeat its current ruler. This team is in over their heads, way way over their heads pretty soon they may only have each other as they make deals they can’t possibly keep with beings way beyond their power levels.

Fatality One of the more level headed members of this team. And my excuse to review this book monthly. Also one of the only members still completely loyal to her creators, I’m anticipating where they go with her in this book, also she’s the only person to know that Invictus had to have help to re-enter our universe…….so many mysteries so little time!

Art-Tyler Kirkham on pencil duty while Nei Ruffino does colors= yet another great looking book thanks to stylized art and dynamic colors.



The Bad

Chaotic- While I’m enjoying every issue immensely some may be put off by the sheer volume of things that occur in a single issue. You also need a passing knowledge of current continuity to fully enjoy each issue that level of commitment to enjoy this book may be too steep for new or casual readers.


The Ugly

Continuity wet dream with lots of mysteries and complexities 4/5


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