X-men Legacy #267 Review


Rogue remembers battling the Avengers back when she was still a villain. As she faces She Hulk and the other teachers both tend to the injured students and hold off the contingent of Avengers. Iron man’s appearance turns the tide of battle since he can easily take out all present. Rogue has to resort to absorbing all the Avengers gathered powers to stand a chance. Once they realize that Iron Man is simply an empty shell of armor. Rogue then unleashes all the large and strength she took from She Hulk and destroys it.


The Good

Cover- Rogue vs Iron Man, Frenzy vs She Hulk , Falcon vs Mimic and Gambit vs Moonknight? I LIKE IT! 🙂

AVX- one of the highlights of the crossover so far, characterization and continuity are at the heart and soul of this book and honestly, Christos Gage is doing stellar work on this book!

Iron man vs X-men- Now this is more like it! One of the heavy hitters shows up (sort of) and proves why you never send a rook *cough* Falcon *cough* to do a knight’s job.

Moonknight- At first he doesn’t seem like a practical strategy to deal with the threat of a mutant school but when you factor in his Schizophrenia it becomes clear that he was probably sent to incapacitate and remove Rogue from the field after all apart from Wolverine this school really has no one else to rally the troops and lead. Kitty may be headmistress but she could not hold this school together if Wolverine was pushing up daisies, let’s not kid ourselves.

Reinforcements- Rachel, Iceman, Rogue and a few others will be rallying by  Cyclops branch of the X-men and lord knows they need all the help they can get.

Art- Not the prettiest thing on the shelves but there is a certain aesthetic with the big boots that reminds me of Generation X and c’mon the action scenes are so well choreographed it’s hard to complain about the details.


The Bad

Seriously- The Avengers sent Falcon to hold a line at a school housing mutants…..Falcon my boy you clearly drew the short straw (laugh) your so far out of your league and depth it’s not funny.

Hellion- Jesus H Christ how Julian has been turned into a useless f**k. Pardon my French but I’ve been reading this character since he first appeared and all the character growth he went through under Chris Yost and David Yost is gone….I would rather he was dead than watch this mockery continue.


The Ugly

Minor nitpicks but a very solid action heavy book that still plays off continuity and characterization 4/5


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