Operation Knightstrike #1 Review


In a secret military base, men make plans to assemble a special team to carry out missions. Agent Stone/Battlestone will lead and he recruits Al Simmons and Chapel after they save a local store owner from a gang.

Duke is the next recruit after a bar brawl with Stone, then Duke after a heist and Frehly who Stone rescues from sure death. With all the members assembled they get their mission to aid Afghanistan against Russian invaders. They will retrieve pilots and documents shot down by the Russians and if caught the United States will deny their existence.

The Good

Art- Colors by Gloria Vasquez coupled with Richard Horie’s pencils and Jaime Mendoza’s Inks make for a pleasing visual package which avoids the typical Disproportion of Rob Liefeld.

Characterization– As a fan of Chapel and Spawn it was refreshing to see them on more friendly terms as young men, Fighting side by side, devotion to each other. It makes what happens later on between them so much more entertaining, the saying is true you can’t truly hate someone unless you loved them at some point.

Story- A team assembled to aid Afghanistan against Russia, From America!? Holy hell! That’s pretty damn hard to contemplate in modern times after the whole fiasco involving America invading the Middle East after 9/11. I’ll be following to see where this goes…..

Cover-Richard Horie has assembled the team in a visually pleasing package.

The Bad

Muscles- Typical of most Image comics created by Leifield the characters are muscle-bound to the point of being inhumane.

The Ugly

Pretty average book really 2.5/5


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