Seraph (Character)

Created by:  Phil Hester and Lance Briggs

1st appearance: Pilot Season: Seraph #1, 2011

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’11              Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Brown               Hair: Black

Relatives: Kelly (Deceased sister), Mother (Status unknown), Father (Status Unknown)

Skills and Abilities: Capable fighter

Powers: Seraph has an unspecified degree of superhuman strength and control and manipulation of the elements. He’s displayed control of Earth to cause earthquakes and mould it into different shapes, wind to move objects and forceful enough to break bones and Fire. He can see supernatural creatures even if they are shrouded. While his power is active the large cross tattoo on his back either glows or burns with blue flame. His power is also far more potent and controlled if he maintains an unwavering belief in god, if his belief falters his powers will diminish or become uncontrollable.


His past is currently shrouded in mystery. He lived with his sister a few years ago who became a drug addict after he was never home with her and she felt abandoned. His sister found her way to the demon Nukpana who eventually lead to her death. Sometime after he committed suicide in an alley and was brought back to life. He somehow got a huge tattoo of the cross on his back and his powers developed. He’s been helping the helpless since then as he atones for his dark past.


I'm a Caribbean born Lecturer, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; with backgrounds in Philosophy, Social Studies and Geography; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Written credits include work for where my writing inspired the music compiliation "Kindah" available in multiple languages on Itunes, The Caribbean Journal of Education, The University of the west indies, Comicvine, Independent comics etc.

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