Freight Train (Character)

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Dan Didio

1st appearance: Outsiders #30,  2010

Real Name: Eric Moran

Nationality: Canadian

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 250 lbs-variable    Height: 6’1-Variable

Eyes: Brown                              Hair: Black


Skills and Abilities: Trained hand to hand combatant.

Powers: Eric has the ability to absorb kinetic energy to increase his strength, speed, endurance and resistance to injury to superhuman levels. His size also increases as he absorbs more energy. His absorption is seemingly limitless allowing him to face a foe equally who once defeated the entire Justice League.


Eric was an ordinary Canadian man living his life in the recession who was abducted and fed on by aliens. While many others died from the experience, Eric however found himself altered and developed super human abilities. He used his powers for personal gain to make money until he became the bodyguard of Simon Stagg a drug dealer. His boss had him clash with the Outsiders including Black Lightning. Stagg betrayed him and so Eric joined with the Outsiders to defeat him. After this he joined the team under Batman’s leadership. His most incredible feat was fight off the Shaggy Man, a foe which the entire Justice league could not handle.

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