Teen Titans #2 Review


Red Robin and Wonder girl spend the night at her place before he travels to locate a missing teenager Claudia’s twin sister who is now the meta-human Skitter. They find her and fight off some villains and after Wonder girl renders her unconscious she leaves not wanting to join the team.

In the NOWHERE base Superboy studies his Teen Titan’s targets.

In the prison cells Kid Flash makes a break for it and runs into Solstice.

The Good

Cover- Here’s a cover going against the modern comics’ trend of having completely unrelated images on the outside. This cover isn’t the prettiest but it is the most accurate at depicting what’s going on inside the book. Kudos for retuning the the 90’s style cover!

New Black Superhero- Skitter is a blank slate we know nothing of her but we get a brand spanking new Female Black Superhero thanks to Scott Lobell who created Monet St. Croix, Emplate, and the M-Twins.

Redesign- Love the redesign of Red Robin and Wonder girls costumes, both are looking seriously badass.

The Bad

Boring- Sadly I found this issue boring, yeah it had action and sound characterization but the story didn’t manage to pull me in.

Generic- Art was pretty good but the faces all kind of look very similar, only the colors differentiates them.

Young Justice Episode 1 and 2- The impending clash between Superboy and the team gives me serious déjà vu for the cartoon series AND he went evil in the last series and fought the team already….it just doesn’t leave me excited because it’s been done to death before!

The Ugly

It has potential and the art is pretty2.8/5


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