Uncanny X-men #1 Review

Uncanny X-men #1: Everything is Sinister


In San Francisco Mr. Sinister takes control of the Sleeping Celestial. On Utopia Cyclops Gathers his “extinction team”: Storm, Hope Summers, Colossus/Juggernaut, Magik, Danger, Magneto and Danger. He lets them know what the team’s purpose is while we see the day to day running of Utopia. Agent Brand contacts them two weeks later to warn them about the dreaming celestial. When they hit the site Sinister makes his presence known and makes off with its head. In the chaos that follows Emma loses an Arm and Colossus must use his Juggernaut powers to heal his own wounds. While Danger Tracks sinister he makes landfall in San Francisco and uses the celestial’s power to remake the vicinity in his image!


The Good

Art- I’ve been in love with Carlos Pacheco’s art since before the turn of the sentry and does it feels to have him back on an X-title!  Loving every panel!

Story- Cyclops has assembled the heavy hitters of the mutant community into one super team quite believably may be literally the most powerful gathering of superheroes currently!  Factor in the re-emergence of Mr. Sinister and the literal desperation of balancing fear and respect and you have a tale with urgency beyond the way overrated Schism.

New Dynamic– It’s a breath of fresh air to have the dynamic shift back to Storm and Cyclops. She is now his most trusted ally in this new status quo where almost everyone else at one point or another has been a villain.

Team- There’s something about the way Gillen writes Cyclops that just rings true for me. A natural born leader with a strong commanding presence, Cyclops commands his team with years of experience like a well oiled Machine. The other great thing is this team is so full of huge egos and clashing ideals when the shit hits the fan it will fly everywhere!


The Bad

Cover- Sure it has all the members of the team gathered around Cyclops but it’s rather bland.

Storm– Note to the colourist for future reference Storm’s eyes are blue NOT grey!


The Ugly

Cheers to a new beginning! 3.5/5


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