Batwing #2 Review

He is called Massacre, and he brings death. What does the soldier in service of Batman Incorporated do when he’s met his match? When he’s been brought so low and been wounded so badly? What does he do when lost Super Heroes begin turning up as victims? Batwing fights back!


Batwing remembers talking with Batman after said hero gave him a newly upgraded suit. In the present he’s been fully run through the chest by a machete, he tries to fight back by Massacre has the upper hand. Lucky for him officer Kia isn’t dead and she fires at the villain once backup arrives, Batwing falls into a coma. When he awakens in his base thanks to Matu Ba two weeks later he is ready for action despite his very severe injuries.

Elsewhere in a school Massacre attacks retired superhero Thunder fall who was once a member of the African super team “The Kingdom”. In his base Batwing refuse to heed his friends please that he take it easy and rest. He has an epiphany and tranquilizes Matu so he can head to the school.

On location Thunder Fall loses an arm while fighting Massacre right as Batwing arrives!

The Good

Art-Ben Oliver’s photo realistic art is to die for! The blood, guts and totally macabre are right at home while married to digital coloring reminiscent of oil painting. This man has skills and this book is stunning!

Expansion– For years I wandered why DC comics had such underused black superheroes. Even worse I lamented how a continent far bigger than the US had little to no superheroes and lacked the impact and presence of their New York based counterparts. DC comics has decided to answer this question with Batwing! Two issues in we have black supervillain Massacre, three new black superheroes; Batwing, Earth strike and Thunder fall and Superhero team “The Kingdom” waiting in the wings. This series seems poised to move Africa from the stone age of superheroics and into what it should always have been a very relevant and very alive part of the comic book map. I am very pleased indeed!

Batwing of Africa– I’m really loving David Zavimbe right now, he has the heart of a hero and Judd Winnick has me very interested in where this is going.

Protégé– I also like the snippets of flashback we are getting of David’s time with Batman it’s as if he’s Batman’s latest protégé like Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Red Robin before him. I’m foaming at the mouth to see what else Batman taught him and how it will play into the current story!

The Bad

Rated “T” for teen– Seriously? We have a police station full of decapitated and dismembered bodies, people coughing up blood and later a hand gets chopped off. This is a very violent comic book and really a stricter ratings policy would be warranted.

No explanation- It’s clear the story is building to the explanation but some readers may be taken aback by the lack of explanation on why Massacre has gone on..well a massacre.

The Ugly

I’m thoroughly entertained! 4/5

stars- 4


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