Green Lantern Corps #1 Review


In sector 3299 at the Green Lantern safe house two Green Lanterns get slaughtered by an unknown villain. On earth Guy Gardner tries to get a job as a High School PE Teacher but can’t. Elsewhere John Stewart leaves an architect job after the people he’s to work with try to go the cheap rout and endanger lives.

In sector 3599 an entire planet get’s slaughtered. On earth John and Guy lament why they never wore a mask like Hal or Kyle before heading to OA. They get a mission to investigate the slaughtered planet with a bunch or other Lanterns. Upon landing they realize the entire planet’s water has been stolen and they find two green lanterns impaled.


The Good

Characterization– This issue did a good job establishing both John and Guy’s personalities and background while finding a common ground in both not wearing masks while being superheroes. For John it was to be a symbol for the black community while Guy may not have been as altruistic because he does get off on all the attention he gets as a form of “celebrity” but it was enough of a common ground to warrant them being together.

Contrast- While not touched on in this issue Guy and John are like Night and Day in terms of personality. Personally I find both characters great when played off the personality of Kyle Rayner and I can admit I was not terribly excited to have these guys rolled into one book, but the introduction scene left me interested in how the writer will work these guys into a viable and exciting duo.

Art- Fernando Pasarin’s art is gritty and real giving the macabre killings depth and weight. The art also has well proportioned characters and nice design choices for the alien race “cannon fodder” common throughout the tale.

Mystery- The new mission is already very intriguing thanks in no small part to keeping the identity of the villain secret and that the deaths all seem to happen so fast body parts are left falling left and right. Also a whole planet covered in water…..not only gets slaughtered but the water disappears? Good times ahead!


The Bad

Redesign- Why was OA moved from its iconic original look to….a lame “Green Lantern Movie” ripoff? For shame people!

Hal- The mention of Hal as no longer being a member of the corps felt forced since it came straight out of left field. Seriously was that line necessary?


The Ugly

4/5 A solid start to hopefully a memorable tale!


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One thought on “Green Lantern Corps #1 Review

  • October 11, 2011 at 3:26 am

    I like John Stewart, but not enough that I would endure Guy Gardner. Pass on this issue.


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