Warren Ellis on Blade & Black Panther 2099

Straight from the horses mouth (or fingers as the case may be) come tales of what could have and should have been:

I remember being asked to pitch for a mooted BLACK PANTHER 2099 book at Marvel. The book actually never happened at all. I imagine none of the pitches were up to snuff, and they just killed the idea. I dimly remember mine being a sort of terrifying “Fear Of A Black Planet”/Huey P. Newton thing, with Black Panther Cells run from Marvel’s fictional African country Wakanda destabilising corporate-run America. I think I used some of the stuff in there for my later DOOM 2099 sequence. I wasn’t happy at doing the foot race: I got paid, and my foot hadn’t been in the door that long, and I supposed this was just the way things were done. But I had a feeling that maybe it wasn’t the best way to do things.

I also took part in a run-off for a BLADE comics series. You didn’t always find out whom you were in competition with, but this time I’d discovered that I was running against my good friend Ian Edginton. It was awkward, but we had a teddibly English gentlemen’s-manners thing about the whole situation, and I was delighted for him when he got the book. Also slightly irritated, because I could have used the money, and as corporate jobs go it had some potential for fun and advancement. But I’d obviously rather the gig go to a friend if it had to go to anyone but me. I remember that Ian ran into problems on the book straight away. And a few months later the editor phoned me and asked me if I’d take over the book.

I was young, and arrogant, and a bit of a prick, and I said to him, “No. You should have got it right the first time.” Which was offensive on a number of levels, not least to poor Ian, who did not deserve the inference. But I didn’t get anywhere without having a degree of security in my own talent. And I was pissed off.

Hmm interesting, one problem though Warren Ellis…Black Panther 2099 did happen…..as a one shot it didn’t quite die the way you think it did 😛

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One thought on “Warren Ellis on Blade & Black Panther 2099

  • August 28, 2011 at 4:31 am

    The difference being that Warren Ellis BP 2009 pitch sounds like it would have been an AWESOME ongoing series, as opposed to the incredibly mediocre and pointless one-shot that Robert Kirkman wrote.


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