Power man and Iron Fist #3 Review


Danny and his secretary are on their way to the “twilight idol” to find the mask and who sold it to Pokerface. They run into Victor and his date Tiowa who are also attending. They are whisked away to the Twilight Idol where they are split up by Poker face who tells his origin and makes a bet with Iron Fist about how many combatants Vic can defeat. He loses the bet right as Pokerface locates Kun Lun and his secretary makes her own bargain to save them but when she grabs the mask she is engulfed by its power. Fist grabs the info he needs anyway only to realize his old secretary is the one who gave pokerface the mask.  He then gets shot down by Noir.


The Good

Cover- Great cover!

Art- everything looks great, nice detail and colors too.

Action– nice fights scenes throughout

Story- I loved the use of Poker face he comes off as a foreboding disfigured mastermind here, a very James Bond villain kind of vibe. He played our would be heroes against and off each other superbly! This is how you take a no name villain and turn them into something! Great Job Fred Van Lente

Chemistry- Vic and Danny play well off each other and continue to grow into the student teacher roles.

Next Issue- This issue set up the next with quite a few things to look forward to; the possession of the secretary by the mask. Noir vs Danny etc, great stuff!!!

The Bad

Villain- The use of such an unknown may turn some off.

The Ugly



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